Davina McCall: BB an institution

The TV presenter promised to keep hosting the reality TV show as long as viewers wanted to watch it and confessed she would be sad if she had to stop.

She said: "If people stop watching it then we'll stop making it, I'll be very sad though when that happens, it'll be quite weird - I'll have another job hopefully, but summer won't be summer without it, it has become like an institution just like the autumn is The X Factor and Strictly."

Davina went on: "Honestly we've got next year and then we'll have to wait and see - if people are still watching it, which hopefully they will be, then I don't see why it can't go on."

The star was attending the TV Bafta awards as she had a cameo in E4 Big Brother zombie drama Dead Set, which was nominated for an award.

She said: "The thing is I was playing myself in that so it was written especially for me. I love presenting, that's what I do, so I think I'll stick to that."

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