Days of Our Lives extended

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Evil twins, love affairs with ghosts, demonic possessions, and returns from the dead have been pretty standard fare on daytime soap operas for decades, but one thing that isn't necessarily standard nowadays are contract renewals. Despite a bleak future for soaps, or because of it, NBC has signed its iron horse Days of Our Lives to 18 more months.

Such a short-term contract for Days of Our Lives is foreign territory for the program, which was given five years last time it signed on the dotted line, according to Variety. Given the fact that Days has been on the air for 43 years now, 18 months is merely a blip on its lifeline.

Executive producer Ken Corday is expected to make some casting changes as well, but no details have been announced yet. Days of Our Lives, which costs an estimated $1.7 million-$1.8 million to produce each week, is currently the third-highest-rated daytime soap among 18 to 49-year-olds and tied for first in the 18-34 women category.

Let's talk daytime soap operas--anyone out there watch them?

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