Dear SNL, Here Are Five Musical Guests We'd Like to See This Season

SNL's StageNew year, same stage.

Last week, we revealed our 2011-2012 wishlist for Saturday Night Live guest hosts, naming five diverse and hilarious stars who could nudge the show’s 37th season to ever greater heights. With this week's news that the first musical guest of the season will be Radiohead, followed by Lady Antebellum, we thought we’d turn our attention to the musical guest slot: Which bands or solo artists would we most like to see performing on that all-too-familiar subway set?

We chose the following five acts based on: 1) their innovation, creativity, and promise of putting on a good show, 2) their “appropriateness” for the gig; i.e. they are either on the cusp of breaking out or are already multi-platinum superstars, and 3) the fact that they will have a new album out in 2011-2012 to promote.

1. Björk

The Icelandic pop genius’s seventh full-length studio album, Bibliophilia, is due out at the end of September and makes use of a freaking Tesla coil as an instrument on the song “Thunderbolt.” So: Björk, Tesla coil—you do the math. Let’s just hope she doesn’t burn down studio 8H.

2. Friendly Fires

This trio is a welcome British riot, making some of the most infectious and anthemic dance-rock around. They also happen to put on electrifying live performances, which are completely joyous and unhinged. This is their breakout year.

3. Empire of the Sun

Another hot electronic act, this one from Australia. EOTS puts a huge emphasis on Vegas-style spectacle, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Pet Shop Boys’ heyday. Outrageous costumes, weirdo backup dancers, and some catchy tunes, to boot. Gaga would be proud.

4. The Horrors

With their fourth studio album, Skying, out this week, this five-piece U.K. band is primed to make a big splash in the U.S. Their sound is hard to describe—it has evolved from noisy art-rock to a more melodic, ‘80s-influenced synthesizer sound reminiscent of Simple Minds. It's just good. If Radiohead has an heir apparent, these guys could be it.

5. Coldplay

Arguably the biggest band in the world (whose members are still under 40), Coldplay's new album, Mylo Xyloto, finally comes out this fall. And we all remember how utterly ridiculous the band's last SNL performance was. It’s high time for another helping of spastic Chris Martin.

Okay, okay—your turn to weigh in. What musical guests would you like to see on SNL this year?

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