Death call at Rush

If you've been watching Rush you will know that a bomb has landed two of our lead characters in hospital. Both Gracie (Claire van der Boom) and Dominic (Josef Ber) were wounded in an explosion in the last edition of the TEN drama.

On November 11, one of the Tactical Response Unit will meet their end.

It's unusual for a local drama to cut loose one of its central characters so early in its life. Just as we're getting to know them they will disappear from screen.

Rush has been quietly advancing the emotional lives of some of its team. Dominic and his wife have been preparing for the birth of their first child. Gracie has been falling helplessly for Josh (Callan Mulvey) behind the back of her current partner.

There's an attraction from Kerry (Catherine McClements) toward Lawson (Rodger Corser), which so far doesn't appear to have been returned. Stella (Nicole da Silva) split from her girlfriend, in one fleeting scene that played down her unfixed view on sexuality. Ashley (Michael Zukerman) struggles to prove he is more than a new kid on the block, while Leon (Samuel Johnson) is a bit of a misfit, the sole civilian, who charms women every chance he gets.

While all the action takes centrestage every week, there's been a slow burning of these eight individuals as one of television's newest ensembles. Screening against All Saints has been a tougher call than anything the TRU could handle, but TEN needs a strong adult drama, and it hasn't had one this confident in years.

How will the TRU cope, and frankly how will fans, when somebody dies this Tuesday night?

Rush screens 9:30pm Tuesdays on TEN.

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Nov 15, 2008
Wow I was so surprised. But then this show has been a surprise week after week. Absolutely brilliant TV.
Nov 13, 2008
THis episode was stupid, not stupid because i love the show, but why did she have to die, she was my favourite out of all of them, why her
Nov 11, 2008
This show has surpassed my expectations so far and I must admit, I truely am wondering who will die, as long as i isn't lawson or Ashley I will be fine. I bet you it's Domenic!

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