December 13, 2005 DVD Releases


Gilmore Girls

The Complete Fifth Season

Gilmore Girls fans will rejoice at the release of this magical series' fifth season--just in time for the holidays! Focusing on the relationship between a single mom and her precocious teenaged daughter--but not forsaking either character's individual journey--Gilmore Girls is at times heartwarming, at other times heart-wrenching, but always compelling and real.

Gilmore Girls' fifth season finds things looking up for Lorelei: Business is booming at the Dragonfly Inn, and her long-awaited romance with Luke is finally hitting its stride. Rory, on the other hand, is facing some serious demons. Consequences of the risks she took last season are crashing down around her, causing an unprecedented rift between Rory and her mother. Things become even more complicated when Rory starts to fall for a guy who represents everything she's always hated.

The 22 episodes collected on this six-disc set bring you a roller-coaster ride of thoroughly enjoyable Gilmore Girls drama, along with a spiffy array of special features. You'll love Gilmore Girls Turns 100, a featurette about the 100th episode; a look behind the scenes of that enchanting milestone; and Who Wants to Talk Gilmore?, a montage of the season's wittiest dialogue. Also included are audio commentaries, trailers, and hidden Easter eggs.

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The Simpsons

The Complete Seventh Season

The Simpsons' sixth season DVD release let fans get inside Homer's head. Apparently they liked what they found there, and 20th Century Fox has packaged the seventh season in a box representing Marge's famous blue beehive.

The longest-running animated series in prime-time television had a remarkable momentum going by the time it started its seventh season. From dietary woes ("Lisa the Vegetarian" and "King-Size Homer") to parent trouble ("Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly-Doodly" and "Mother Simpson") to attempted murder ("Springfield's Most Wanted" and "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"), every single episode in this set is a winner. Special guests from this season include Chris Elliott, Mickey Rooney, Paul and Linda McCartney, Paul Anka, Cypress Hill, Peter Frampton, Sonic Youth, and more.

If you fear that a collectible rendition of Marge's head won't match your couch, don't worry--you can also buy this set in a regular old DVD box. The contents of each set are identical: four discs, 25 episodes, and an array of extras as bountiful as the seafood buffet at the Frying Dutchman. Check out audio commentaries on nearly every episode, deleted scenes from 21 episodes, special introductions, two "Animation Showcases," a sketch gallery, a featurette titled Soup's On with Paul and Linda, and more.

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Starburst Edition Volume Seven (3.1)

The latest in a very long line of Farscape DVD releases finds us back on the Moya, a living spaceship that serves as a home to a motley crew of aliens and a wayward astronaut named John Crichton. This set comprises several episodes of Farscape's third season, in which evil warlord Scorpius increases his efforts to infiltrate Crichton's mind. As if that weren't enough, plenty of additional obstacles arise--like the Moya accidentally fusing to another spaceship and Crichton paying an ill-advised visit to a planet teeming with starving cannibals.

Due to complaints about the double-sided discs used for the first six Starburst Collection releases, ADV films has changed the format for this and all following Farscape releases. You'll get seven episodes on four single-sided discs, along with brand-new special features like interviews and audio commentaries from the cast and score composer Guy Gross, deleted scenes, the original Farscape TV promos, featurettes titled Cool Farscape Facts and Alien Encounters, and more.

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Miami Vice

Season Two

This DVD release is a Vice no true fan will be able to resist. Not content to rest upon the laurels of its action-packed episodes and thrilling storylines, Miami Vice also treated viewers to the hottest '80s fashions and the coolest '80s music. Odd-couple detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs fight tooth and nail to quell the tide of Miami's drug, prostitution, and firearm crimes, finding unbelievable adventures and larger-than-life characters around every turn.

Miami Vice's second season includes great episodes like "The Prodigal Son," in which the pair visits Tubbs' New York City hometown to vanquish a murderous gang of Colombian drug dealers; "Buddies," in which Crockett realizes that an old friend may be involved in some very unsavory activities; and "Little Miss Dangerous," in which Tubbs tries to help a homicidal young prostitute. Stars like Ted Nugent, Tommy Chong, and Leonard Cohen drop by for guest appearances, and artists like Dire Straits, U2, Phil Collins, and more provide a stunning musical backdrop.

This three-disc set includes all 22 episodes of season two, along with the fascinating featurette Ride with Vice.

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Dukes of Hazzard

The Complete Fifth Season

Now that you've probably cleaned the last of that popcorn salt from under your fingernails after seeing the silver-screen Dukes of Hazzard a few times, you might be wondering when your next Dukes fix will arrive. Well, the waiting is over at long last, for a fifth season of hillbilly high jinks has just been released on DVD.

Though this is the season in which Bo and Luke Duke depart Hazzard County to try their luck on the NASCAR circuit, all is not lost. Long-absent cousins Coy and Vance arrive on the scene to terrorize Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco, Deputy Enos returns from his hiatus, and the beautiful Daisy Duke isn't going anywhere. Besides, Bo and Duke return for a few can't-miss episodes at the end of the season. Plenty of classic Dukes adventures are awaiting you inside this eight-disc, 22-episode set--and although a list of extras has not been released, chances are you'll find audio commentaries, featurettes, and other treats similar to those on earlier Dukes releases. Yee-haw!

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Family Bonds

The Complete First Season

HBO reality series Family Bonds follows the daily trials of a typical Long Island family--who happen to be in the bail-bond and bounty-hunting business. Tom, Flo, and an assortment of kids and relatives mix the excitement and danger of fugitive-chasing with the drama and joy of family life. The result is a show that's as unique as it is fascinating, and as touching as it is funny. From birthday parties and first bicycles to gun-toting teens and midnight manhunts, every day brings a new adventure for the Evangelista clan.

This two-disc set brings you all 10 episodes of Family Bonds' first and only season, along with great special features like audio commentaries, a photo gallery, a visit to an Evangelista family barbecue, and an introduction to the employees at All City Bail Bonds.

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Volume Five: Snow Road

Volume Six: Face of Freedom

The mid-1980s cartoon version of Rambo mopped up the blood and gore of the Sylvester Stallone movie franchise and replaced them with a milder version of warfare. Guns and fighting remained in the spotlight, but actual deaths and maimings were few and far between. This Rambo relied more on his quick wits and lightning reflexes than powerful firearms and brutal violence. Now a member of an elite group known as the Force of Freedom, Rambo joined special missions that took him around the world in an unending battle against the evil organization S.A.V.A.G.E. and its nefarious leader, General Warhawk. Each of these single-disc releases brings you 10 great episodes of this animated hit.

Snow Road lets fans follow Rambo and the Force of Freedom to some of the world's most remote regions, where they combat the forces of darkness amid a chilling atmosphere of snow and ice. Wicked robots possess deadly strength, innocent children face imminent peril, and Santa Claus has been kidnapped. Will Rambo be able to save the day once again?

Rambo and his faithful companions return in Face of Freedom as a small army of liberators, seeking out those who would oppress the innocent and wresting their malevolent power from them. Episodes like "Mind Control," "Twin Within," and "General Warhawk's Curse" show us the astonishing heroism of a man whose one desire is to fight the good fight and stamp out injustice wherever it rears its ugly head.

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Season Two

Just a few short years ago, Reba Nell McEntire was known as nothing but the single most successful female country vocalist in the world. A slew of number-one hit songs were not enough for this incredibly talented woman, however, and she soon began the daunting task of adding a second career to her already busy life. McEntire's WB sitcom, Reba, quickly became the network's highest-rated new series in the crucial 18-49 demographic. Following the story of a newly single mother of three, the show is funny, charming, and poignantly realistic.

The second season of Reba finds the crises of the first season over and done--only, of course, to be replaced by new ones. Our red-headed heroine finds herself employed for the first time in years, beginning a perilous search for a boyfriend, and worrying that her kids might move out of her house and into their dad's. The chaos is exacerbated when her daughter Cheyenne and son-in-law Van must delay their departure for college due to Van's knee injury. The very young parents are apparently in Reba's house to stay, at least for the time being.

This three-disc, 24-episode set includes great extras like audio commentary and an overview of the entire second season. It makes a perfect holiday gift for any fan of Reba McEntire's music, TV show, or both--especially if that fan is you!

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Tour of Duty

The Entire Series

1987's Tour of Duty was the first television drama series about the Vietnam War. The show concentrated on the stories of several US soldiers on their one-year tour of duty in late-'60s Vietnam. All members of the same platoon, the young men--mostly teenagers--find themselves wrested from their home country and deposited in a veritable hell on earth, in which they are expected to fight an enemy they cannot begin to understand. Though the soldiers come from varying walks of life and each of their experiences in Vietnam is unique, they learn that they must depend on each other if they are to have any chance of survival.

Tour of Duty reminded Americans that every army is made up of individual people, each with his or her own story. For the first time, the entire three-season series is available in one 14-disc DVD set, packaged in a box similar to a soldier's footlocker. Join this group of brave young men as they undergo a heartbreaking transformation from naïve army recruits to hardened warriors dealing with a very harsh reality.

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