December 27, 2005 DVD Releases

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The Shield

Season Four

The first ad-supported cable series to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series, The Shield is a unique take on the traditional cop genre. A realistically ambiguous moral atmosphere permeates the world of The Shield, where corrupt officers still bring down the bad guys and their captain's loyalties vacillate between ethics and ambition.

After a lackluster third season, The Shield is back with a vengeance for its thrilling fourth installment. Captain Vic Mackey is joined by the tough-as-nails Monica Rawling (played perfectly by Glenn Close). Rawling is bent on reorganizing the force and stamping out a surge in gang activity, and her no-nonsense approach rubs some characters the wrong way.

Extras include audio commentaries, several deleted scenes, and an 80-minute documentary.

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Best of Kids and Animals

The adorable antics of our friends on all fours--be they furry little animals or still-crawling kids--are the basis for many of America's Funniest Home Videos' most memorable entries. Free from the constraints of adult self-consciousness, these special creatures provide the rest of us with hours of hearty laughter on this three-disc set.

Disc One, AFV Looks at Kids and Animals, brings you tons of clips featuring "candid kiddie capers" and uninhibited animal antics. Straight from the much-lauded Bob Saget era, these hilarious clips are sure to have you rolling on the floor with your puppy or toddler. Don't forget to check out the special bonus episode: 1997's $100,000 season finale, which features that year's top clips.

On Disc Two, host Tom Bergeron leads us through an All Animal Extravaganza packed with segments like "You've Got a Bad Dog When...," "Cats Running Into Walls," "Why Dogs are Better Than Cats," and "Cat Talk." Of course, more than just cats and dogs are raining down into your DVD player--this disc also features the best in giraffe, rhino, bird, and insect humor. The season finale from 2004 is included as a bonus.

Two-hour special Battle of the Beast fills Disc Three with the most gut-busting ridiculous clips from the first 12 years of America's Funniest Videos--as chosen by celebrity panelists Coolio, Kathy Griffin, Martin Mull, and Picabo Street! From "Booger Boy" to the "Barking Butt," this two-hour special is more than full of fun and laughs.

Get the America's Funniest Home Videos DVD here!

The Twilight Zone

Season Five: Definitive Edition

The fifth and last season of Rod Serling's original The Twilight Zone is out today. Complete your Twilight Zone DVD collection with this final Definitive Edition release, which boasts stunningly remastered episodes and great special features.

The Twilight Zone's last season included some of the series' most chillingly memorable episodes. Highlights include "Living Doll," in which domineering stepfather Telly Savalas is stalked by the menacing Talking Tina; "The Old Man in the Cave," which presents a stark view of life in the wake of nuclear war; "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," which tells the story of a Confederate spy's execution; and "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," which features William Shatner as an airline passenger experiencing the most terrifying ride of his life.

Bonus features include: audio commentaries from guest stars like Mickey Rooney, Martin Landau, Carolyn Kearney, Mariette Hartley, and more; an excerpt from Rod Serling's Sherwood Oaks College lecture; highlights from the Museum of Television and Radio Seminar: The Art of Editing; Season Five billboards; and a photo gallery.

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Criss Angel Mindfreak

The Complete Season One

Do you love the art of magic and illusion, but can't watch another rabbit-in-a-hat trick or other yawn-inducing kiddie fare? Criss Angel feels the same way, so he's dragged magic into the 21st century with the extreme entertainment he refers to as "mindfreak." Criss Angel's death-defying escapes and jaw-dropping stunts put the wonder back in viewers' lives, and this fantastic set--released exclusively by A&E; in November--is now widely available for your enjoyment.

Experience all 15 amazing episodes of Criss Angel Mindfreak's first season, including gems like "Body Suspension," in which Criss hangs from a helicopter by his own skin; "Chicken," in which he challenges fellow magician The Amazing Jonathan to the ultimate game of Chicken; and "Burned Alive," in which he is--you guessed it--burned alive. Also included are audio commentaries, interactive TV illusions, a guide to creating your own tricks, an interview with Criss, and much more.

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Tracey Takes On...

The Complete First Season

The marvelous Tracey Ullman addresses a new social topic in each episode of late-1990s HBO series Tracey Takes On... Join Tracey and her immense stable of characters for hysterical segments revealing the funny side of everything from romance to vanity to death. Vietnamese donut shop owner Mrs. Noh Nang Ning shares wisdom while resting her bare feet in a tub of donut batter; a Russian family longs for the good old days in the Soviet Union; and flight attendant Trevor Ayliss tells us what to do if an airline passenger dies on the plane.

This three-disc DVD release brings you 10 hilarious episodes and some awesome special features. Check out the Emmy-winning pilot episode, audio commentaries from Tracey Ullman, four character comedy specials, and a slide show of Tracey's favorite characters.

Get the Tracey Takes On... DVD here!

SeaQuest DSV

Season One

Compared by many to an underwater Star Trek, SeaQuest DSV followed the adventures of the captain and crew of a powerful submarine. In a future in which humans have colonized the ocean, retired undersea military captain Nathan Bridger returns to service in order to take control of the vessel, which was nearly hijacked by malevolent forces. Bridger and his faithful crew--which includes a talking dolphin, among other remarkable characters--learn the mysteries of the deep as they protect undersea colonies and avoid disasters both natural and man-made.

This four-disc DVD set includes 23 fascinating episodes and a bonus section featuring deleted scenes from the first season. Get ready for a fantastical adventure under the sea!

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Nowhere Man

The Complete Series

During the course of one strange evening, documentary photographer Thomas Veil (Bruce Greenwood) finds that his entire identity has been erased. His wife denies knowing him, his ATM card is inexplicably invalid, and his keys no longer let him into his own home. This is the premise of Nowhere Man, a thrilling drama from the mid-1990s that follows the steps of a man whose life has been wrested from him by unseen forces. All Thomas can discern is that he is being chased by a mysterious enemy desperate to acquire the negative from a photograph Thomas took a year before--a gruesome image depicting an execution in Central America.

Nowhere Man has been absent from American airwaves ever since its untimely and much-protested cancellation. Now, for the first time, each of the series' 25 precious episodes is available to you on this long-awaited nine-disc set. Also included are audio and video commentaries, interviews, deleted and extended scenes, promotional spots, outtakes, and two featurettes titled Networking and Fact or Fiction?

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Sunday Morning Shootout

The Best of Season One

Executive Shuffle/And the Oscar Goes To...

The New Breed of Leading Men/Women in Film

The Triple Threat/The Directors

Sunday Morning Shootout is an AMC talk show hosted by Peter Bart, editor of Variety Magazine, and Peter Guber, veteran film producer. The pair invites Hollywood stars, directors, and other film royalty to share the secrets of their success with American viewers. From personal anecdotes to confidence-boosting advice, each guest offers indispensable words of wisdom for anyone seeking a career in "the business"--or anyone who simply loves the movies. This quartet of DVD releases lets you choose how much Sunday Morning Shootout you can handle at a time.

"The Best of Season One" is a six-disc, 35-episode set touted as "Film School in a Box." Each disc focuses on a different aspect of life in the film industry: "The Directors," "The Triple Threat--Actor/Director/Producer," "The New Breed of Leading Men," "Women in Film," "And The Oscar Goes To…," and "Executive Shuffle--Revenge of the Hollywood Suits." In case you don't want to buy the entire set at once, you can purchase the discs two at a time in one of three smaller releases. Cool bonus features are scattered throughout the sets.

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Get the Sunday Morning Shootout: The New Breed of Leading Men/Women in Film DVD here!

Get the Sunday Morning Shootout: The Triple Threat/The Directors DVD here!

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