December 6, 2005 DVD Releases



Season Four

This groundbreaking series just keeps getting better and better.

This thrilling action series--the only television show with a plot that unfolds in real time--continues to deliver with 24 more hour-long episodes of crisis and intensity. Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy) joins the cast as a formidable new villain, and Jack Bauer's newfound romance is put through the wringer as he races to rescue his love and derail an impending terrorist attack. Superior writing and nonstop thrills make this season one of 24's best.

This DVD release is packed with extras, incuding 34 deleted scenes, a prequel to season five, audio commentaries, music video "The Longest Day," and much more.

Count on 24 to deliver the goods.

Watch a clip from the 24: Season Four DVD here!

Get the 24: Season Four DVD here!

The West Wing

The Complete Fifth Season

Live in a pretend world with uncorrupt politicians by watching the modern classic, The West Wing, which marches onto shelves with the release of season five. This season saw the gripping storyline of the kidnapping of President Bartlet's daughter, Zoey. His handle of that situation causes the Democratic administration to be led by a Republican, Speaker of the House Glenallen Walken, played by John Goodman. This season also marked the departure of creator Aaron Sorkin from the series, which left fans wondering if season five would hold up to the high quality of previous seasons.

This six-disc set includes episode commentary, a presidential profile of character Josiah Bartlet and actor Martin Sheen, as well as never-before-seen scenes from three different episodes. A great gift to round out the collection of a confirmed fan, or for the drama fanatic.

Cast your vote for drama.

Get the The West Wing: The Complete Fifth Season DVD here!

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Vol 4: Boom & Vol. 5: Zapped

The Power Rangers, Space Patrol Delta blasts onto your DVD platter just in time for Christmas. You have two discs to choose from, each filled with a kind of martial arts mayhem you'd come to expect from the Rangers. The Power Rangers, Space Patrol Delta are newly trained at the Ranger Academy, and they must save Earth from the vile aliens who want to take control of Earth.

In the Boom disc, you get the episodes "Boom," "Recognition," "Samurai," "Dismissed," and "Perspective." Extras include "Delta Squad Runner virtual simulators: Train like the Rangers Do!" game and the featurette "Backstage Disney: The Power Rangers Want You with Z Delgado." Also included is the bonus episode "Wormhole," as well as sneak peeks.

In Zapped, you'll get the episodes "Messenger" (parts one and two), "Zapped," and "Reflections" (parts one and two). Also included is the extra episode "Wormhole" and the featurette "Back Stage Disney: The Power Rangers Want You! with Jack Landors." You can also play the "Delta Squad Runner Virtual Simulator" game to train like the Rangers do, and then go to town with a bunch of sneak peeks.

Deliver space justice to your living room.

Watch a clip from the Power Rangers S.P.D. Vol. 5 DVD here!

Get the Power Rangers S.P.D. Vol. 5: Zapped DVD here!

Get the Power Rangers S.P.D. Vol. 4: Boom DVD here!

Full House

The Complete Second Season

If you love John Stamos, you'll want to see him before he made so much Progress!

Just in time for the holidays, the Tanners are back on DVD for their second season from sunny San Francisco. Danny, Joey, and a mullet-free Uncle Jesse are still up to their old fatherly tricks, trying to raise the three fast-growing young ladies of the Tanner household. Join D.J. as she enters a whole new world during her first year in junior high. Witness Stephanie try to survive her first year of school without her big sister. And Michelle, well she remains as cute and adorable as ever.

This four-disc DVD set contains all 22 episodes from the show's sophomore season, plus an interactive Tanner trivia game to challenge your knowledge of this heartwarming family. Full House: The Complete Second Season is the perfect holiday gift for all kids, young and old!

"Have mercy" on your friends and get them this DVD.

Watch a clip from the Full House: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the Full House: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Law & Order

The Fourth Year

Maintain Law & Order in your living room this holiday season. Arrest the attention of the masses with a dose of the longest-running crime drama in the history of television, which premiered on September 13, 1990. Fifteen years, three spin-offs, and one Emmy award later, this smash-hit show is still going strong. Any Law & Order fan in your family will surely welcome the chance to revisit an early season of their favorite show this December.

Dann Florek and Richard Brooks left Law & Order during the fourth season and were replaced by the show's first female lead characters, played by Jill Hennessy and S. Epatha Merkerson. Great episodes abounded, including one that ultimately resulted in a crossover story with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

This three-disc set comprises all 22 episodes of Law & Order's fourth season, along with extras, such as a delightful array of deleted scenes.

Watch a clip from the Law & Order: The Fourth Year DVD here!

Get the Law & Order: The Fourth Year DVD here!


Season Four

Get ready for MacGyver, the television hero who can pick locks using nothing but his toenails! MacGyver is a brilliant mechanic, and he can get himself and his pals out of any number of tight squeezes using his brain.

Before Richard Dean Anderson was the grizzled space-jumper in Stargate SG-1, he used his blow-dried, feathered mullet for crime-busting here on Earth. MacGyver was a different kind of hero from his '80s contemporaries John Rambo and Dirty Harry. He didn't use weapons, he was afraid of heights, and he made gadgets and devices out of whatever was lying around. He was the Martha Stewart of male action heroes.

Season four features guest stars like Teri Hatcher and G. Gordon Liddy, and judging by the DVD box art, MacGyver does some stock car racing. He also visits Amish folks, investigates a haunted house, and helps out a runaway.

As Martha would say, our buddy MacGyver is a good thing!

Watch a clip from the MacGyver: Season Four DVD here!

Get the MacGyver: Season Four DVD here!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Volume Four

Get ready for this irreverent cult hit. Though it's crudely animated, the jokes fly one after another, like a cross between South Park and The Ren and Stimpy Show. A milkshake, a meatball, and a side of fries make up the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a human-sized, living group of food that solves crimes in the greater New Jersey area.

Their leader, Master Shake, takes charge and usually lands the group in the middle of exciting mysteries. Then there's Frylock, the box of French fries, who has magical powers of the confusing kind. Luckily, he has also been blessed by uncommonly common sense. Last but not least, there's Meatwad, the--you guessed it--wad of meat. His talent? He can change shapes!

This collection features the remaining episodes that haven't been released on DVD yet. Enjoy episodes like "Video Ouija,""Gee Whiz," "Robositter," "eDork," and more! Extra features include commentaries and alternate audio tracks.

Get the Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume Four DVD here!


The Box Set

Instead of singing Christmas carols with your neighbors, why not light yourself on fire and roll down the street in a shopping cart? That's the Jackass way!

If you're sick of quality time with the family, kick it up a notch with the newly released out-of-control DVD, Jackass: The Box Set. The reality show follows ringleader Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the wild and crazy Jackass crew being just that--jackasses. There's no limit to what these guys will do, as they pull off sick and twisted pranks on everyone, including themselves.

This four-disc set has the missing volume one, plus updated volumes two and three and tons of unreleased footage. The fourth disc is jam-packed with bonus features, such as "Jackass Cribs" and the "Where Are They Now?" featurettes, plus many more, making this such a sweet deal. It also comes with a 48-page collectible book for the ultimate Jackass fanatic.

Live vicariously through these knuckleheads.

Watch a clip from the Jackass: The Box Set DVD here!

Get the Jackass: The Box Set DVD here!


The Complete Second Season

The dysfunction and humor that made Roseanne a first-season hit just gets better in season two. The blue-collar Conner family experiences life with a realism rarely seen in television sitcoms. Season two includes favorites like "Inherit the Wind," in which Becky is mortified after she has an embarrassingly loud gastric accident in front of the whole student body council, and "Born to Be Wild," in which Dan and Roseanne resurrect their old bike after their old friend Ziggy comes to town.

The four-disc set includes the complete original, uncut episodes from the second season. Extra features include a candid interview with John Goodman, a "Best of Season Two" feature, and "Roseanne United--Season One Launch Party."

Watch a clip from the Roseanne: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the Roseanne: The Complete Second Season DVD here!


Season Nine

Who can forget the poignant plucking of the theme song that told viewers it was time for another episode of the classic war series M*A*S*H*? This show said that war could be hilarious and hellish at the same time. The brave nurses and doctor's of the 4077th US Mobile Army Hospital were on the frontlines of medicine and danger, and they waged their battles with class and compassion, all the while retaining their wit and sense of humor.

Alan Alda stars as Hawkeye Pierce, and Mike Farrell is his cohort in shenanigans, B.J. Hunnicut. Rounding out the cast is Jamie Farr as Klinger, David Ogden Stiers as Winchester, Loretta Swit as Hotlips Houlihan, and Harry Morgan as Colonel Potter. You'll laugh and cry as these brave doctors do their best to put on a smile and soldier through their difficult jobs.

This three-disc boxed set includes all 20 episodes of season nine of this classic television series, with the memorable episodes "The Best of Enemies," "Letters," "A War for All Seasons," and "Operation Friendship."

Enlist in the doctor army this holiday season.

Watch a clip from the M*A*S*H: Season Nine DVD here!

Get the M*A*S*H: Season Nine DVD here!

Superman: The Animated Series

Volume Two

This series was in the same vein as the lauded Batman: The Animated Series and it is similar in both spirit and animation styling. Superman: The Animated Series offers a modern and interesting interpretation of Superman, unlike previous incarnations where he was portrayed as a two-dimensional hero. This series was on the air only a fraction of the time that the numerous '90s Batman cartoons were, but they still had a lot in common.

Superman was rocketed to Earth as a baby from the planet Krypton and was raised by Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville. As a grown man, he resides in the city of Metropolis and defends the world from villains like Lex Luthor, Bizarro, and Metallo. Only the Man of Steel can keep these dastardly beings from taking over the planet in these 18 action-packed episodes!

This DVD set includes the three-part crossover episode "World's Finest," in which The Joker teams with Lex Luthor and forces Batman and Superman to join forces to defeat this dastardly duo. Bonus features include "The Dark Side: Behind the Villains of Superman: The Origins and Evolution of Superman's Adversaries" and commentaries by producers Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Up, up, and away!

Watch a clip from the Superman: The Animated Series--Volume Two DVD here!

Get the Superman: The Animated Series--Volume Two DVD here!

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Volume Two

For anyone even remotely interested in Star Wars mythology, this is a must-have.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume Two concludes Genndy Tartakovsky's epic animated adventures that bridge the story between Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Witness the secret ceremony in which Anakin Skywalker becomes a Jedi knight, as well as the Jedi's valiant defense against a surprise attack by General Grievous on the capital planet of Coruscant.

There are five episodes here that run 12 to 15 minutes each. The thrilling battles featured in this volume lead directly into Revenge of the Sith. Bonus features included are commentary by Genndy Tartakovsky and his artists, an exclusive "Connecting the Dots" featurette detailing the creative process that Tartakovsky and his team used to connect Clone Wars to Revenge of the Sith, and two galleries of concept art, storyboards, and sketches.

May Christmas cheer be with you!

Watch a clip from the Star Wars: Clone Wars--Volume Two DVD here!

Get the Star Wars: Clone Wars--Volume Two DVD here!

Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica

The Complete Final Season

With all the developments of late, this truly was Nick and Jessica's final season.

America fell in love with Nick and Jess, and watched through three seasons as their love grew, then grew subtly fallow in this, the third season. This season, if you look between the lines, you can see that they really dislike each other. Even a dinner at famed New York restaurant Tavern on the Green can't keep Nick from looking bored and irritated by his dippy wife.

Hilarity and conflict ensue as Jessica mispronounces words, glorifies vanity, and basically lives in a bubble that only the reality of being a rich girl who becomes much wealthier can provide. DVD extras include never-before-seen footage of the couple shopping at various malls and behind-the-scenes footage of Jessica getting bored backstage and then shopping at various malls. Finally, we can all laugh at the rich people as they have a hard time in life!

With this DVD you'll be wedded to your TV.

Watch a clip from the Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica--The Complete Final Season DVD here!

Get the Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica--The Complete Final Season DVD here!

He-Man and She-Ra

Christmas Special

The rarely seen holiday episode, He-Man & She-Ra: Christmas Special, is now available on DVD.

Holiday cheer muscles up in the magical worlds of Eternia and Etheria. It's Christmas and the Royal Palace prepares to celebrate the holiday season in conjunction with the birthdays of the courageous Prince Adam and his twin sister, the lovely Princess Adora...better known as He-Man and She-Ra.

But Horde Prime is a big Scrooge, and the festivities are short-lived when he orders Skeletor and Hordak to crush the land's newfound merriment. To appease their master, Skeletor and Hordak vie in a game of one-upmanship to kidnap all the children of the region, thus destroying Christmas in Eternia and Etheria. Will He-Man and She-Ra save the kids and Christmas?

This special- edition DVD is jam-packed with bonus features, including "The Holidays & Morals," which kids will fast-forward through, and "The Heroes and Villains of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," featurettes, art cards, trivia and fun facts, the original "I Have the Power" music video, and much more.

Get the power this holiday season!

Watch a clip from the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special DVD here!

Get the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special DVD here!

Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Seasons Six and Seven

High school is drawing to a close for many of the gang. Bayside High's graduation ceremony is looming, and if you have ever experienced the end of high school, you'll remember that feeling well--the excitement and fear of what life will have in store for you. Usually, it has a lot of pain and sadness in the wings, but every now and then there are also good times.

This four-disc set has 26 episodes from seasons six and seven. In these seasons, the quarterback from a rival high school transfers to Bayside and it causes quite a few waves. Even wackier is the fact that Screech gets an after-school job where it turns out he'll be working with... Mr. Belding! There are surprises, laughs, and hugs for the whole gang as they prepare to take a step into the great unknown of adulthood.

Get the Saved by the Bell: The New Class--Seasons Six and Seven DVD here!

Murder, She Wrote

The Complete Second Season

This detective series is one of the most enthralling and cerebral of television's sleuth offerings. Grand dame of the theater Angela Lansbury brought the character of crime-solving mystery novelist Jessica Fletcher to life in vivid, British glory. This show has become a pop-culture cornerstone, and with good reason: it doesn't take a detective to find its quality.

This three-disc set has all 22 episodes from season two of this landmark gumshoe series. Jessica keeps on writing mystery novels and solving real mysteries as murder most foul seems to ghost her every move. Each week, someone in the tiny town of Cabot Cove meets his or her untimely demise, and it's up to Jessica's keen mind to sort out whodunit!

This season has some big guest stars, like Carol Lawrence, Adrienne Barbeau, a pre-Law & Order Jerry Orbach, and a post-Eight is Enough Dick Van Patten. Dive into this mystery; you'll enjoy plumbing its murky depths.

Watch a clip from the Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Garfield & Friends

Volume Five

It's Garfield, the sassy fat cat with an attitude. You know him, you love him, and you want to strangle him! Now, laugh with him. Garfield is one of the most beloved comic strip characters ever, spawning countless cartoon series, multitudes of toys, and a CG movie with Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield.

This three-disc set features 24 episodes from the Saturday morning cartoon series Garfield and Friends. Laugh along as Garfield pulls the wool over hapless dog Odie's bulbous eyes. This volume includes episodes 97-121, so now your collection can be complete.

DVD extras include bonus episodes and episodes from Jim Davis' other cartoon series, US Acres. Enjoy the exploits of cute and sassy farm animals as they run rampant with cartoonish hilarity.

Watch a clip from the Garfield & Friends: Volume Five DVD here!

Get the Garfield & Friends: Volume Five DVD here!


Season Two, Volume One

This gripping cartoon tells the story of noble Gargoyles who are betrayed by the humans they protect. A spell is cast on them and they are stuck in their stone state for 1000 years, until they awaken in modern-day Manhattan. They must come to grips with a world that has changed, yet still has no place for them. The Gargoyles defend New York from the evil Demona, but are still feared and loathed by humanity. They befriend a human and decide to stick around and help the humans out...lucky for us!

This three-disc set features the first 26 episodes from season two of this supernatural action series. DVD extras include episode introductions with series creator Greg Wiseman, a featurette called "The Gathering of Cast and Crew," which highlights how the producers found their talent, and audio commentary on the "City of Stone" episodes.

Get rocked with the Gargoyles!

Watch a clip from the Gargoyles: Season Two, Volume One DVD here!

Get the Gargoyles: Season Two, Volume One DVD here!

That's So Raven, Vol 3

Raven's House Party

Raven may be psychic, but she's also a teen girl, and what do teens love to do? Have house parties!

This disc contains a never-before-seen episode. House Party is a treat for all Raven fans, or fans of houses, parties, and house parties. Raven gets the chance to show her fashions off to a hip-hop mogul, but she almost blows a fuse trying to strut her stuff! Raven appears in a music video, and she turns the Chill Grill into ground zero for parties.

Plug this DVD into your player and cross party boundaries.

Watch a clip from the That's So Raven, Vol 3: Raven's House Party DVD here!

Get the That's So Raven, Vol 3: Raven's House Party DVD here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Volume 3

Those heroes in a half-shell are back, and they're greener than ever! The pizza-loving turtles tap into their turtle power and knock the stuffing out of the bad guys. The gang is all here: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatella, April O'Neil, Splinter, and Shredder and his gang!

This disc contains 12 episodes from season three of the original TV series: "Beneath These Streets," "Turtles on Trial," "Attack of the 50 Foot Irma," "Maltese Hamster," "Sky Turtles," "Old Switcheroo," "Burne's Blues, " "Fifth Turtle," "Enter the Rat King," "Turtles At the Earth's Core, April's Fool," and "Attack of Big MACC." Cowabunga.

Watch a clip from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume 3 DVD here!

Get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume 3 DVD here!

Everybody Loves Raymond

The Complete 5th Season

In real life, goods things must come to an end. In TV life, sitcoms can last forever. With season five of Raymond, we're halfway through the show's TV run! Savor every juicy bon mot of one of America's most beloved sitcoms. Laugh along to the continuing exploits of America's favorite family, The Barones. Ray Barone has a great job, a great family, and a great life. The only catch? His problematic parents live across the street! The stage is set for some heartwarming familial hijinks.

This five disc set has all 25 episodes from season five. DVD extras include audio Commentary on three episodes, never-before-seen bloopers, and deleted scenes.

It's a Ray of sunshine this holiday season.

Watch a clip from the Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete 5th Season DVD here!

Get the Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete 5th Season DVD here!

The Rockford Files

Season 1

The theme song of The Rockford Files alone is enough to make you want to buy this set! This classic detective series form the 70s stars TV legend James Garner (Maverick) as rumpled and grumpy private eye Jim Rockford. Rockford is an ex-con who lives in a trailer on the beach and drives a sweet gold Pontiac Firebird. He likes catching fish more than he likes catching crooks, but he has a nose for detective work... and trouble.

Rockford specializes in hard luck cases, and he takes 'em all as he tracks down leads in cases that have long been closed. He meets some pretty seamy characters in his travels through the underbelly of Los Angeles, but luckily Rockford has a way with people...he ticks them off.

This three disc set contains all 23 episodes form season one of this fondly remembered gem. Guest stars include Lindsay Wagner, James Woods, Abe Vigoda, Suzanne Somers and Ned Beatty, fresh from squealing like a pig in Deliverance. The DVD extra is an interview with the charming and self-deprecating Mr. Garner about how he became Rockford.

Open this File and enjoy.

Watch a clip from the The Rockford Files: Season 1 DVD here!

Get the The Rockford Files: Season 1 DVD here!

Batman: The Animated Series

Volume 4

This is the 1990s animated series that re-imagined Batman in all of his dark glory, staying very faithful to the original dark tone of the comic books. Batman isn't a quipping jokester, but he deals harsh justice to guys like The Joker.

Here, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson have a falling out, which leads Dick to stop being Robin...and become Nightwing. Batman still has Batgirl by his side as he fights all of his old buddies: The Penguin, Dr. Freeze, The Riddler, and of course the maniacal Joker!

This four disc set contains 24 episode of Gotham-swinging action. DVD extras include audio commentary by the show's creators, and an "Arkham Asylum" featurette.

Enjoy the bat-signals from this great DVD set.

Get the Batman: The Animated Series Vol. 4 DVD here!


Season 1, Volume 2

It's the second volume of season one from this iconic 80s cartoon! Many an after school hour was wasted thrilling to the adventures of Lion-o and his daring band of cat people, while back in the real world, homework went undone and grades plummeted!

This six disc box set contains 32 episodes form season one of Thundercats. In these episodes, the 'Cats try to build a new life on Third Earth. Of course, Mumm-Ra the evil wizard doesn't make things easy for them, and he has his mutants launch attacks form Castle Plundarr with savage regularity. In these episodes he must prove his right to carry the Sword of Omens by completing 5 devilishly difficult tasks. Fortunately, Snarff snarffs his way all over the place to help Lion-o.

DVD extras include "Thundercats Ho!" featurette about the making of this pop culture phenomenon, wherein Arthur Rankin Jr. shares secrets about the series.

Buy, buy, and buy this DVD ho!

Watch a clip from the Thundercats: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD here!

Get the Thundercats: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD here!

Rock Star: INXS


INXS was one of the biggest power pop bands of the 80s, led by charismatic and sensual front man Michael Hutchence. When Hutchence hung himself in 1998, power pop lost a sexy hip shaking maestro.

Now, fast forward to 2005. The reality show is firmly entrenched in the television lexicon. American Idol has proven that TV audiences love seeing people attempt to sing and exude charisma. Most importantly, the 80s are back, so back that they are almost over again, but not quite. Even if the 90s are back that's fine, INXS had some big hits in the 90s so they were still viable.

Add all that up, you got yourself a plan that is so crazy, it just might work: an American Idol-style series where regular folk try to walk in the shoes of a power pop God and win a shot at fronting INXS! This series was a surprise mild success in the summer, and features a lot of wannabe rockers strutting their stuff classic INXS songs.

This budget priced disc does not feature the entire season; that is sure to come later! Instead, you'll get over twenty performances of INXS songs, out-takes, and footage from a never-before-seen concert with new INXS. Extras include audition interviews, a backstage tour, a "Too Hot for TV" segment, and more!

Sometimes you "kick,"and sometimes you get this DVD!

Get the Rock Star: INXS DVD here!

Green Acres

Season Three

At first glance, Green Acres is an idiotic country-bumpkin show along the lines of Hee Haw. Underneath the blustery, brightly colored surface, however, is a sly twist on the country mouse/city mouse fable that manages to skewer both upscale city folk and their farm town cousins.

Successful New York lawyer Oliver Wendall Holmes, played to perfection by the late, great Eddie Albert, decides he wants to pack up and move to a farm in Hooterville (yes, the Hooterville from Petticoat Junction--Green Acres is a spin-off). This doesn't sit well with his dyed-in-the-wool Manhattanite wife, Lisa, played in huffing glory by Eva Gabor. Lisa prefers their swank Park Avenue penthouse apartment. But, as Oliver sings in the classic theme song, "You are my wife," to which she responds "Goodbye city life," and together they sing "Green Acres we are there!"

This is a classic American sitcom that is absurd and hilarious. This four-disc set contain all 30 episodes from season three of this farm-tastic comedy.

Your neighbors will be Green with envy over your Acres of laughter.

Watch a clip from the Green Acres: Season Three DVD here!

Get the Green Acres: Season Three DVD here!

Land of the Lost

The Complete Series

Yes, your dreams come true today! Finally, the entire series of this fantastically horrible Sid and Marty Krofft show from the 1970s is available in one boxed set. The Kroffts had a lot of great shows--Sigmund the Sea Monster, Dr. Shrinker, Electra Woman and Dyna Gir, and The Bugalooos, to name a few--but Land of the Lost set the high watermark for poorly made, chintzy adventure shows with terrible special effects.

Premiering on Saturday mornings in 1974, as part of The Krofft Supershow, this great series tells the story of Marshall, Will, and Holly, who are taking a routine expedition down a river filled with rapids. Suddenly, they plunge through a gateway that takes them to The Land of the Lost. They are transported to the planet of Altrusia, where they go on a wild odyssey of adventure, complete with evil lizard creatures called Sleestaks, strange beings from different dimensions, and giant dinosaurs!

Despite the low production values, the show entranced a generation of kids with mind-bending stories written by famous science fiction writers like David Gerrold, Larry Niven, D.C. Fontana, Norman Spinrad, and Theodore Sturgeon. The show was also quite educational, as it taught more than you'd expect about dinosaurs and running around phony- looking sets. However, they never managed to explain how the Sleestaks, who could barely move at a snail's pace and didn't appear to be able to fight, posed any kind of threat to our heroes whatsoever.

This eight- disc boxed set contains all 43 episodes of this classic dinosaur series. DVD extras include audio commentary on many episodes, and interviews in "true '70s Chromavision" with some of the sci-fi authors. Also included are "Will Marshall's Greatest Hits," and more!

One word: Cha-Ka.

Watch a clip from the Land of the Lost: The Complete Series DVD here!

Get the Land of the Lost: The Complete Series DVD here!

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Jackass boxset...
I'm sure there are many who will buy it.
But to be honest it's funny in the beginning but get's boring very fast.
i've got to watch 24. i stopped watching mid-season on 3, but then i heard it got good.
This pretty much has something for everyone. 24 for action-lovers. MASH for ppl who like classic TV. Ninja Turtles, Gargoyles, and Garfield for cartoon nostalgia. Power Rangers for people whose kids don't know any better (please buy your kids any of the above cartoons instead of Power Rangers).
All these DVDs smell of not goodness.
Viva Gargoyles!!!!!
What?! There were ol' skool TMNT and G&F DVDs and I wasn't informed? I need to find the previous volumes of these along with the newly released ones NOW!!
i might get Raymond ,, 24 is a must
No-one's mentioned the West Wing? It's not the best season ever but it's definitely on the list. It's much better again now too!
No-one's mentioned the West Wing? It's not the best season ever but it's definitely on the list. It's much better again now too!
Why aren't all of the older shows out yet?? They should stop putting out stuff like the Newlyweds and animated Star Wars, and start with the better shows that have been on longer
Boring week for me....that's good....i haven't enough money for buy something new :-(
TMNT, Batman Gotham Knights, Superman, and Gargoyles! Yes! Those are all going down on my X-Mas list.
MASH Season 9 will be bought.
Lots of popular drama shows and some classic comdeys. Not bad this week, just depends on what you like :)
Not a whole lot of good titles out today. But 24 season four makes this week worthwile.

24 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force no longer "solve crimes".
24 and Garfield; thats it.
This is the best weekd of releases I have ever seen!! Turtles, Batman, Superman, Garfield, Raymond, Gargoyles, Thundercats, and a bunch more! I can't wait to get some of these.
full house,thundercats,tmnt,batman,clone wars,he-man,garfield,gargoyles,and aqua teen are good.
Full house comes out.
[QUOTE="MikeMRH"]Other than Raymond & Newlyweds, it's a pretty boring week.[/QUOTE]

Actually, it's anything but boring. There's some big titles in here: Full House, M*A*S*H*, Jackass, Roseanne, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and, as you mentioned, Newlyweds and Everybody Loves Raymond.
24 and Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume 2
Land of the Lost and Thundercats... then add some TMNT. OHH man...visions of childhood dance in my head!
Why do they continue to make horrible box art for old shows like rosseane? I know the stock imagery must be pretty horrible, but why not go with something artsy like just a shot of the dilapidated house and the front lawn. One of the better TV shows that actually reflected American life while it was happening (similar to all in the family). Just seems a travestry to make a DVD set with flourescent blue lettering. Ha.
Ok...I'm in TROUBLE! MacGyver, Gargoyles, Batman, Superman, even the Thundercats... I loved the animation in that, even if it was a kid's cartoon. Why do all these good ones come out when I have NO MONEY???
clone wars, garfield and friends, and aqua teen hunger force! this'll be a good week.
Full House is the best for this week. Raymond is ok.
great week! Full House, 24, M*A*S*H and Newlyweds
Oliver WendEll Douglas's wife is Jill?! LISA!! Hello!
Full Hose baby
This is the best week yet! 24 is the easily the greatest show on tv. To those of you out there who don't watch it, you have no idea what you are missing. I know many of you will never take the time to check out the premier but it is HONESTLY the most insane show on television. If you're interested the new season starts on January 15th at 8 and 16th at 8.
OMG! [b]Jack@ss[/b] Box Set!
OMG! [b]Jackass[/b] Box Set! :lol:
Season 2 of "Murder She Wrote" is out? I don't even recall the release of the first season.
full house, murder she wrote, and roseanne for me!
Alright season 9 of MASH, also the Jackass box set looks inviting. Most of the other shows I haven't seen or dont like.
Other than Raymond & Newlyweds, it's a pretty boring week.

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