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Denise Van Outen on married life

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The couple had a private ceremony, with just 17 guests, on a beach in the Seychelles in April.

"Everyone thought I'd want a big thing, but I know when things are meant to be kept private," she told Grazia magazine.

She continued: "I want an album of wedding photos to show my kids, not a magazine.

"I had so many texts from people saying well done for not selling out. There were just 17 of us and it was really relaxed, really lovely."

The 35-year-old presenter says she is enjoying the security of being with someone.

"After our honeymoon in the Maldives, I put on about half a stone," she added.

"I'd gone very soft round the waist. But that's what your wedding and your honeymoon are about - I let myself go, ate everything in sight and drank cocktails at sunset. But that's what it should be. You can't have a wedding and not eat the cake."

The couple aren't making any plans to try for children just yet, Denise says: "It's just too much pressure, we want to enjoy married life."

The full interview appears in Grazia magazine, on sale today (Tuesday).

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