Details emerge on Whedon's Dollhouse

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When word got out that Joss Whedon was working on a new show called Dollhouse, details on the show were slim. Even without much information, devoted fans of the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Angel vowed to watch Dollhouse simply because Whedon's name was attached to it.

Finally, some more information on the project has surfaced, courtesy of a production notice posted by the blog Spoiler TV. The notice tells a bit of what was already known: Eliza Dushku (who worked with Whedon previously on Buffy) will star as a woman involved in a secret project that uses people for various tasks and erases their memories afterward.

But from there, the notice gets a little more specific. The participants, referred to as "Actives" or "Dolls," can have memories and personalities uploaded into their minds in order to complete the various assignments, which span "jobs, crimes, fantasies, and the occasional good deeds." When their work is done, their memories are erased and they go back to living, unaware, at their lab which is known as "The Dollhouse."

In the show, the operation is "highly illegal" and under threat from a few sources. A federal agent is looking to shut the whole thing down, as is a one-time renegade Active. The plot of the show involves Dushku's character, an Active in the program, becoming self-aware and understanding who she is.

The show also added two producers last week, Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, who were recently unemployed for all of about 24 hours. The pair were just let go from their jobs as producers on Women's Murder Club, but were quickly snatched up by Whedon to work on Dollhouse. Their names may also sound familiar for a few other reasons: They served as producers on Angel and The Shield.

"Dollhouse is going to be an awesome show," Craft told The Kansas City Star, "but it's a hard show to sum up in one sentence."

"It will be intelligent and intricate and have amazing characters," Fain said. "It's a show about what it means to be human."

Dollhouse is expected to begin shooting in Los Angeles in April.

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