Dexter bleeds onto CBS

Dexter's homicidal ways are coming to the masses.

CBS has confirmed what CEO Leslie Moonves hinted at last month: Showtime hit Dexter is being "repurposed" for CBS, which finds itself short of fresh material as a result of the Writers Guild of America strike.

The first season of Dexter will air on CBS beginning Sunday, February 17, and continue to air for the next 11 Sundays following. The show, which follows a forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer, does have a considerable amount of blood, but that won't be the main thing that gets edited for more family-friendly fare.

"I am very protective of the show and will make sure the small changes are done very seamlessly," Showtime president Robert Greenblatt told The Hollywood Reporter. "The essence of the show is absolutely there; we haven't compromised the character and his moral compass." Instead, the major cuts will focus on language.

While many new eyes on a critically acclaimed show that has a limited audience seems like a good thing, some aren't so sure. Dexter's executive producer Daniel Cerone is a bit concerned as one of the show's writers.

"On one hand you want what you write to be seen by the greatest number of people, and as WGA members on strike, we will get residuals for these airings," Cerone told The Hollywood Reporter. "On the other hand, if, by reprocessing the series the network is using it as strike programming, it may delay any resolution in the (labor dispute)."

The Parents Television Council is unsurprisingly a bit peeved at the idea--edits or not.

"Of course there will be cuts, but thematically the show is very disturbing --making a serial killer a hero--and no editing in the world will make this palatable for families with small children," Parents Television Council Melissa Henson said.

Dexter just completed its second season on Showtime. For more information, check out's previous coverage.

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