Dexter Casts Jonny Lee Miller

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... It's hard to imagine Showtime's Dexter getting any better, but the show had done gone and done it again. The murderous series has added Jonny Lee Miller, aka Trainspotting's Sickboy and Eli Stone, to its cast. He'll play a "mysterious man" who is tied to new cast member Julia Stiles. Miller was previously rumored to be up for the lead in The Walking Dead, but this is one hell of a consolation prize. [Showtime via press release]

... Breaking Bad is my favorite show, period. And apparently I'll have to wait a little bit longer than usual for my favorite show to return. FINE! Series creator Vince Gilligan has said that God's gift to television won't return for Season 4 until July 2011, a few months later than its usual March launch date. That'll put right alongside AMC's other hit, Mad Men. [Screen Junkies]

... Jason Segel, who is now a big-time hot-shot movie star, says he's leaving How I Met Your Mother in three years, when his contract is up. Hey buddy! What makes you so sure that show will be around that long? [GQ]

... Meat Loaf has successfully made the leap from totally bitchin' rock star to totally bitchin' actor, so it's a bit of a surprise that he's in talks to appear on the next cycle of Celebrity Apprentice. But it's Meat Loaf, man. He can do whatever he wants to and it's still cool. [NY Post]

... Law & Order: Los Angeles is definitely happening, because hey, it's more frickin' Law & Order, and why not? But before it comes to your TV, it needs some actors. Creator Dick Wolf is allegedly searching for cast members, and his wish list includes: Skeet Ulrich, James Van Der Beek, Michael Ealy, Dylan Walsh, Dean Cain, Michael Rapaport, and Lucy Liu. Big names, medium talent. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC's forthcoming Love Bites has taken another tumble. The show seemed to be on the right track with its casting of Jordana Spiro (My Boys) and Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) as the leads. Then we saw the trailer, and oh boy... ugh. Now comes word that NBC has booted Jordana Spiro from the show because of her potential contractual obligations to TBS' My Boys. My Boys hasn't been renewed yet, but NBC isn't willing to take the chance. Love Bites has now fallen way down on my list of anticipated new shows. [EW]

... Tori Spelling says she spoke to Farrah Fawcett, even though the latter is dead. Oh, Tori. Please stay in the news forever. [NY Daily News]

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