Dexter Will Probably End in 2013, Weeds May Conclude This Summer

Today was Showtime's turn before the same Television Critics Association crowd that eviscerated Michael Patrick King yesterday over charges that 2 Broke Girls trades in crude racial stereotypes. This time around, the critics wanted to know from Showtime head David Nevins what Dexter plans on doing with the disturbing, incest-lite premise introduced at the end of its sixth season.

"Yeah, I'm aware that there's a certain taboo despite the fact that they're not genetically related," Nevins said. "It's something that has been building for a number of years, I think. It's an idea that's informed how they've done the show for a long time." He promised that like it or not, the storyline continues next season.

As for the longer outlook, Nevins said Season 8 “is the likely endpoint” for Dexter, but was “open” to even more. A classic Hollywood executive answer—cover all your bases.

As for news on the network’s other series, three of its bigger hits—Nurse Jackie, The Big C, and The Borgias—now have premiere dates; they'll all return on Sunday, April 8, for a triple-block of original programming. This will be the fourth season for the Edie Falco medical show, the third for the Laura Linney cancer drama, and the second for the soapy take on Italy’s most notorious Renaissance dynasty.

Finally, critically acclaimed drama Homeland will likely return for Season 2 in the fall, and Episodes will be a priority this summer... which may also mark long-running dramedy Weeds' last season. Nevins didn't really discuss plans for the show beyond the forthcoming Season 8, saying it's "not definitely" the last season, but it's a "real possibility."

Additional reporting by Louis Peitzman—check out his Twitter feed for more quotes from today's TCA sessions!

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