Did Anyone Catch Abed's Secret Community Storyline?

Like many Community fans, I was disappointed to see so little of Abed in the most recent episode, and a bit perplexed when his absence was highlighted by Shirley commenting, “I barely saw you this week, Abed, what have you been up to?” Abed’s response: “Not much.” But look closer!

For the first time in TV history (that I can remember, at least), a major character was part of a storyline that took place entirely in the background of other scenes. While Jeff pondered his mortality, Pierce tried to hold on to his Mom after her death, and Annie and Britta argued over feminine wiles, Abed’s “not much” involved bringing a baby into the world.

Watch this helpful compilation that strings all the scenes together, and you’ll see Abed having a passionate conversation with a very pregnant woman, getting into a fight with the jealous father of the unborn baby, helping his new pregnant friend in the cafeteria when she goes into labor, and the kicker, delivering a baby in the back of a truck just behind Shirley’s head.

It’s a testament to how great Community is that most of us didn’t notice—and to me, just another reason that the show is one of the most innovative comedies on TV. It wouldn’t surprise me if creator Dan Harmon ends up remaking the episode from Abed’s perspective, at which point we’ll just barely notice Annie and Britta’s oil wrestling in the background.

Can you believe all the action you missed? Or did you notice background Abed right away?

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  • 10:00 pm