Did Fox benefit from not airing Obama?

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Fox will not be bullied around by anybody, even that big all-powerful bully in The White House. The network decided not to air last night's speech by president Barack Obama and stick with its planned schedule, creating a little experiment to see if it could capitalize by going against the grain.

An original Lie to Me aired opposite the president's talk on NBC, ABC, and CBS in the 8 o'clock hour and the ratings were... shockingly steady. The drama grabbed 7.9 million viewers and a 2.4 adult 18-49 rating last night, versus the 7.87 million and 2.3 it scored last week. That's almost an unrecognizable difference, but with most shows slipping in ratings week-to-week, it could be considered a positive result by Fox.

As for the other networks, they pretty much split the audience watching Obama with six-plus million viewers each and a 1.5-1.6 rating. It'll be interesting to see how the networks respond when Obama asks for another primetime hour.

Elsewhere, American Idol once again won the night, with 21.85 million viewers and a 7.5 18-49 rating. Lost's 100th episode (who needs destiny?) was up a bit with 8.8 million viewers and a 3.9.

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