Did Perfect Couples Deserve to Be Canceled For Paul Reiser?

NBC made a notable scheduling decision yesterday, clearing out one of its Thursday-night comedies to make room for some new blood. Perfect Couples, the romantic comedy starring Olivia Munn and five other young, attractive people, was ousted from its cushy 8:30pm slot to make way for one of the network's odd men out: The Paul Reiser Show.

Paul Reiser hasn't really been relevant to television audiences since the 1990s hit Mad About You. But apparently that was enough for NBC to go ahead and make a whole new series, as The Paul Reiser Show stars Reiser as Paul Reiser, an out-of-work television actor looking for something to do with his life.

NBC will begin airing the program on April 14, and is on-the-hook to air at least four episodes, according to Salon, with six total episodes in the hopper. But why did the network suddenly decide to give The Paul Reiser Show a shot now? The program will certainly fly under-the-radar of most casual television viewers without the big fall push usually given to new shows. Is NBC just putting it out there to get rid of it, or does it actually think The Paul Reiser Show will help see the Thursday-night comedy block through sweeps and finales?

Another point to debate: Did Perfect Couples deserve to get axed (technically, the show hasn't been officially canceled, but the writing is on the wall) in favor of The Paul Reiser Show? Horrible 10:30pm time slot aside, would Outsourced have been a better candidate to drop instead?

It's an odd move for a network to cram a show about a 53-year old unemployed dad between two heavily young-skewing shows like Community and The Office, and I don't think it does The Paul Reiser Show any favors.

What's your opinion of NBC's decision? Would you have canceled Perfect Couples to make room for Paul Reiser, or would Outsourced have been a better victim?

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