Did Project Runway Get it Right?

Season 8 of Project Runway ended last night with kooky Mondo, holier-than-thou Gretchen, and cool as a cucumber Andy showing their collections at Fashion Week. Though the show constantly flirted with Gretchen being the sanctimonious villain, there were no designer fights for the finale, so we were left with three basically good people competing. Which meant that the real drama came from *gasp* the clothes!

In between the constant confessions of how much they all "need this", we were treated to a new segment of Project Runway: the in-show reunion. Everyone was brought back to talk about how the season went for them, and Gretchen was called out for being two-faced about all the designers. She tried, in her classic pious, lump-in-throat fashion, to invoke the "When a woman is honest, she's considered a bitch" excuse, which was shut down with an eye roll by the real villain of the show, Ivy.

God bless Ivy. I wish they would have left the camera on her the entire time to let her spew her delusions. That woman was made for TV.

And onto the fashion show! Much vitriol has been slung around about the fact that Jessica Simpson was a guest judge, but may I say something? Her dresses are adorable and affordable and she has a pretty successful line. So there, haters. Gretchen's collection, Running Through Thunder (aaaahhem), was an exercise in brown panties and blousy safari gear. Andy had a collection that was lovely and green and gray but didn't look much like the BDSM warrior princess designer I'd learned to love. I'm glad he stayed insistent on the solar system hats though. Mondo, looking like a dapper Buddy Holly, gave us the quote of the night--"My fashion is my dream world"--before showing a collection that didn't look half as polished and grown up as I expected. Or maybe it's that Mondo, like deep fried Twinkies, is something you're only supposed to experience in small doses. OMYGOSH Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model was at the show! My brain is collapsing!

Ok, sorry. Onto judging. Finally, we have an actual debate! Usually you can tell that Nina, Michael and Heidi are trying to throw us a red herring by pretending to love or pretending to hate someone just to add drama to the fact that there's usually an obvious winner, but not this time. Andy was quickly thrown to the side as they argued Mondo vs. Gretchen. Which brings us to the second best quote of the night: Michael Kors telling Heidi Klum to "You wiggle into that puppy and you walk out there!" referring to Mondo's polka dot dress. Alas, a decision was finally reached, and it was announced that

Gretchen won Season 8 of Project Runway.

Mondo, I'm sure you'll have your own reality show within the hour, so keep your head up, keep designing, and keep up that pompadour.

What did you think of the finale last night? Did the best designer win? Tell us!

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