Did V's Finale Save the Series?

ABC's V has been struggling ever since its first episode. A product of remake-happy executives, V instantly jogged our memories back to a time when Marc Singer ran around in cheesy sci-fi uniforms blasting lizards with his ray gun. But let's be honest here: The remake never lived up to our unfair expectations, failing to take advantage of a solid cast and high-tech effects.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself giddy with delight over "Mother's Day," the series finale (yes, series, let's not kid ourselves!) of V, which aired last night. With the show's fate all but laid out before it, the producers shrugged and said, "To heck with it! Let's go out with a blast!" And boy howdy, did they ever.

[Here come the spoilers!] There was blood! There was sex! There was baby lizards! There was an "anything goes" attitude as producers killed off major characters, and I'm sure the actors did not mind. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if actors had lined up outside producers' doors and ask for their characters to be killed. It would make finding their next job that much easier, because they wouldn't have to wait for ABC to officially cancel the show and release their contracts.

And yet, with this wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am finale that served as a last hurrah, there's a sense that we already miss it. "Mother's Day" gave us a taste of what the show could be: silly man vs. alien war with senseless violence and gratuitous gore that's made on the same Commodore 64 that creates the special effects in Syfy's creature features. There was also a cliffhanger ending, but it wasn't as shock-worthy as it could have been, i.e. no one was in the process of dying and no one was about to unleash a massive weapon on Earth.

Is it possible that the finale actually breathed new life into the series and that we should all be disappointed that it won't be back? (Seriously, it won't be back. No way.) Or should we let V blast off into the deep space of cancellation on a high note? If V did come back for a third season, I don't think it could keep up the insanity of last night's finale. Instead, we'd probably just get more of the same muddled mess until it was about to be canceled again. So I'm saying goodbye, V, and thanks for ending your run with the craziness we always wanted to see.

Here are last night's highlights, in picture-form...

La resistance submits its kidnapping tape!

The episode's greatest moment: Anna going Sharktopus-crazy and killing her mother, who's played by Jane Sadler (the original Anna), after Lisa almost attempted to kill Anna.

Seriously, she said that. And it was awesome.

This was major death #1 (or least Ryan appeared to be very dead). It just goes to show that you can never, EVER trust your children.

The new queen! Sorry for the NSFW nudity!

Apparently, in alien culture, when you are ready to die you act like a curious Golden Retriever.

Pseudo-Lisa got busy with Tyler.

And then she got a little too busy!

This was major death #2! But I think we were all glad to see him go. And to Tyler: There are worse ways to go out, friend.

See you later, lizard-gators!

What did you think of the finale?

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