Did Weeds Really Just End Like THAT?

SPOILERS ahead for those of you who haven't watched Monday's Season 7 finale.

The Weeds of today is a very different show than the one we encountered in the original pilot, but despite Nancy Botwin's locale changes, prison stints, and rising drug lord status, Weeds ended its seventh season more or less where it began: in the suburbs. An unsteady compromise between the various members of the fractured Botwin family led to Nancy and her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) agreeing to settle in Connecticut to raise Nancy's toddler together, plus eldest son Silas would get to run his own pot business from the guest house. In some unfinished business, Shane seems to have been blackmailed into joining the police academy, and Doug may or may not be about to take the fall for cooking books at his Wall Street firm. All in all, an interesting way to conclude this strange, New York-based season.

BUT then, after a fake-out involving a little girl shining a laser pointer onto Nancy's forehead, we got the final shot: REAL rifle crosshairs scanned over each family member's face before settling on Nancy's, and then BANG! Gunshot/cut to black. Granted, we didn't see Nancy die, but that could have something to do with one well-known fact: Weeds hasn't yet been renewed for an eighth season. Which means that if Showtime finally decides the series has run its course, it will have ended with its protagonist getting SHOT IN THE FACE.

If the renewal order comes through, we'll inevitably get some kind of quirky cop-out. "Oh, it was just a paintball gun, and the neighbor has an interesting way of saying hello!" But is it weird of me to secretly hope Weeds ends with Nancy getting taken out? Not only would that be a pretty audacious way to end a series, but also Weeds has made it crystal clear that this lady ruins the lives of everyone around her. Or maybe there's a third, even weirder option: Nancy's been killed, and the show will focus on Jennifer Jason Leigh keeping the Botwins together? Nevermind, even as I was typing that sentence I was like, "No thanks!"

If I were savvier about how the television industry works, I might assume that Weeds executive producer Jenji Kohan intentionally created a cliffhanger that would compel Showtime to want to renew the show. Remember the Season 6 cliffhanger, when Nancy finally got arrested? That struck me as the same type of situation. The show could have ended just before that final scene, but then Weeds was like, "Nope, we will do anything to keep you watching." So now the only question is, did it work this time around?

What did you think of the Weeds season finale?
...Is Nancy alive or dead?
...Is Weeds coming back for another season?

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