Diddy's in the kitchen

First, we danced with the stars. Then, we skated with the celebrities. At long last, we will cook with them, too.

NBC announced it is teaming with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and chef Wolfgang Puck to produce a reality cooking show similar to Iron Chef, but with celebrities. Titled Celebrity Cooking Showdown, it will pit nine celebrities in a timed cook-off before a live studio audience. The show will air over five consecutive nights, Monday, April 17, through Friday, April 21, at 8 p.m.

The as-yet-unnamed celebrities will be coached and trained by well-known chefs such as Puck, Iron Chef America's Cat Cora, and Govind Armstrong, the executive chef of Table 8 in Los Angeles. After the training session, the celebrity combatants will enter the "kitchen stadium" and face a high-adrenaline timed cook-off.

The first three nights of Showdown will feature three different celebs competing. The winner of each of these prelim nights will go on to Thursday's round, at which point the viewing audience can vote, either online or via text messaging, for their favorite presentation. The in-studio judges will vote on flavor as well.

"The hottest trend right now is the art of cooking. There's nothing sexier than preparing a beautiful meal for your woman or man," said Combs in a statement. "Celebrities competing in the high-pressure arena of the world's top chefs will make great television."

Puck is also excited to be working with the former "Puff Daddy."

"This show is like a dream come true, working with people who share the same passion, love, and excitement about food and cooking that I do," the Teutonic tastemaker said.

Celebrity Cooking Showdown is the most recent in the growing genre of cooking challenge shows. Last week, Bravo preimiered Top Chef, and in June the Gordon Ramsay shoutfest Hell's Kitchen returns for a second season.

The original Iron Chef ran for six years in Japan and is a syndication staple on The Food Network. Iron Chef America premiered in 2004 on the same network.

Which celebrities do you want to see compete? Sound off!

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Mar 15, 2006
Please, spare me the stupidity of this!
Mar 15, 2006
If I see one more reality show I think I will go screaming into the night.

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