Do Not Disturb checks out

Attention casting agents: Jerry O'Connell is available for work!

The television season has its first cancellation. Fox has dropped the hammer on its comedy Do Not Disturb, according to The show wasn't given much of a chance to get rolling, given that only three episodes of the program ever aired.

But apparently the unimpressive numbers from those airings were more than enough for Fox to send the show packing. Critics panned the show (we did too), with some saying that it could single-handedly destroy the sitcom genre...ouch.

The show starred Reno 911's Niecy Nash and Carpoolers' Jerry O'Connell as workers in a hip New York hotel. Unfortunately, it just wasn't that funny. Let's hope Dave Franco, who played Gus the bellhop, finds a happier home elsewhere.

Do Not Disturb's producers made an attempt to woo critics back to their side by sending out apology letters along with a DVD of an episode they were "very proud of." "We apologize for being the perpetrators of such bad television and ask that you find it in your heart to 'let us disturb you' one more time," read the letter.

Well, looks like that's not going to happen. Say your goodbyes and good riddances in the comments section below!

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