Do These Four New Arrested Development Clips Get You Excited for the Show's Return? (VIDEO)

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Guys, I really don't know what to think of this Arrested Development revival. On one hand, hey, more Arrested Development! On the other, bigger hand that won't get out of my face, there's a deep fear lingering inside me that it just won't be the same. Netflix did not screen episodes widely for critics, which is usually a very bad sign; but then again, Netflix doesn't play by regular rules so who knows why the didn't give us an advanced look? Still, most of the promotion for the series has been a series of posters calling back on old jokes, real-life Bluth banana stands, and one trailer that eased most fears. Instead of spending its own marketing money, Netflix seems more than content to just let the internet promote the hell out of the show all by itself, which it is doing to a near-nauseating degree.

Now, with just a day and a half until the Bluths return (all the episodes will be available on Sunday), Netflix has released these four snippets from the new season. However, they're out of context and they aren't really the best way to show off Arrested Development's trademark layered humor. Though I guess that forces the question, is there really a way to properly promote a show like this? 

None of those made me LOL or ROFL or LMAO, but Arrested Development really can't be contained to 10-second clips. What did you think?

Arrested Development returns May 26 on Netflix (subscription required). 

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