Does Casting News Mean The Walking Dead's Lori is a Goner?

Television shows always like to play down casting news when it affects them. The company line goes something like this: "Oh, just because [actor] got cast in [new pilot] doesn't mean the character is going to be [eaten by zombies/get his face blown up by a wheelchair bomb/have his head cut off by a boy king]! Fans shouldn't worry about this news, it's nothing!" Meanwhile, their palms are sweaty and their teeth are chattering because they know their hit show just got spoiled.

Remember when The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal was cast in TNT's LA Noir? AMC dismissed it as nothing to note. Next thing you know, Shane is getting stabbed in the woods and then shot in the head. Now the same casting doom is happening with another cast member: Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Lori Grimes.

Callies has been cast in NBC's new comedy pilot Friends Who Make Love Together, an ensemble comedy about "navigating the difficult world of dating and friendships in New York City." She'll play a no-nonsense sportswriter who's constantly hit on by athletes.

Take a look at this exclusive clip of Friends Who Make Love Together and let us know what you think:

April Fool's! Lori isn't going ANYWHERE, which means Carl will be going EVERYWHERE as TV's worst parent remains completely oblivious to everything.

This is April Fool's story 1 of 3. Collect them all!

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