Dollhouse finale ratings tank

It's not supposed to happen like this. Season finales are supposed to be the big send-off for shows, roping in the audience that's watched for the past few months for one grand party. But the Dollhouse finale on Friday did the exact opposite.

The season finale for Dollhouse registered the show's worst ratings to date, says The Hollywood Reporter. Friday's episode was watched by 2.8 million viewers and drew a mere 1.0 preliminary rating among the coveted 18-49 adult demographic, down from the previous series low of 1.1 in the penultimate episode.

That's a horrible sign for the future of the series, which had a glimmer of hope at renewal about a month ago, but now seems headed for the scrap heap. Even with gains from DVR viewing, the hard truth is these numbers do not warrant a second season.

Do you think there is still a chance for a second season of Dollhouse?

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