Dollhouse WON'T Be Canceled After all

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Whedonites, I have some good news for you. Dollhouse will not be canceled, despite what you may have read online. Fox exec Preston Beckman (does a name get more executive-y than that?) has stated that the network will air all 13 previously ordered episodes of Joss Whedon's science-fiction drama, despite sluggish numbers.

After hitting a series low in ratings, we were ready to start the Death Clock on Dollhouse, but it looks like that was premature. "We're going to run all the episodes," Beckman said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "We're not saying we're happy with those numbers, or accept them, but we don't have to overreact. During [November] sweeps we might have to jack up the numbers a little [with other programming], but we plan on completing the order for this show."

That quote skirts the issue of a full-season order, but from the sound of things, the outlook isn't promising. Of course, that's not to say that Fox won't attempt to sell the crap out of Season Two DVD box sets.

One reason Fox may be soft on cutting Dollhouse's run short: DVR numbers. Dollhouse posted the largest gains during the big fall season premiere week when digital video recorders were factored in, jumping 50 percent from its initial haul. But don't get too excited: The ratings only jumped from a 1.0 to a 1.5. Still, any time a show has that kind of percentage gain when secondary audiences are factored in, networks take notice (Smallville, another Friday night show, posted the same jump).

Dollhouse continues to be one of television's more intriguing stories. You've got a cult TV producer making a show that somehow survived cancellation last year and didn't air its best episode due to contractual issues -- all very interesting stuff. Despite its flaws, it's a good thing Dollhouse will get to finish on Whedon's terms. I'm looking forward to seeing where Whedon, one of television's better storytellers, takes us. I'm also looking forward to more acting from Enver Gjokaj, who's really separating himself from the rest of the cast.

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