Donnie Wahlberg steps into Kill Pit

Donnie Wahlberg, former New Kidz on the Block member and star of CW's canceled series Runaway, has joined the cast of the Spike TV original movie Kill Pit. John Leguizamo had signed up for the movie in September.

Kill Pit is an eight-hour limited series about a team of Iraq war vets who return to the states and rob a bank. During the robbery, the carefully laid plan goes awry and turns into a hostage situation.

Sopranos and The Wire director Steve Shill will direct the first four episodes of Pit. The show will be produced by Lionsgate Pictures and Mandeville Films.

Pit will appear on the small screen in the summer.

Spike TV was home to the recently canceled Blade: The Series. Other Spike TV original shows include knock-'em-up Ultimate Fighter and the video game show Game Head.

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