Double Takes: 10 Pairs of TV Doppelgangers

A couple months ago, while watching March Madness, it occurred to me that Steve Carell bares an uncanny resemblance to Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke. Like, if there is ever a Coach K biopic, Carell could play the starring role. And a couple weeks ago, 30 Rock pointed out that there's some major twinnage happening between Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler.

As it turns out, there are a ton of look-alikes in the celebrity world (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem, for example, share one body)—and many to take note of in the realm of television. Here are ten current pairs:

10. Accidentally on Purpose's Jon Foster (with Nicolas Wright) and How to Make It in America's Bryan Greenberg (with Victor Rasuk)
Who knew these two could pull off the Timberlake curl and five o'clock shadow so well—and with their dark-haired BFFs in tow?

9. Kiersten Warren (shown here on Desperate Housewives) and Weeds' Mary-Louise Parker
Kiersten Warren has also appeared on Dirty Sexy Money, Nip/Tuck, and Fringe—and all this time I thought MLP was just working overtime.

8. Lost's Nestor Carbonell and The New Adventures of Old Christine's Eric McCormack
Has Will Truman been on the island all along?

7. House's Lisa Edelstein and Rena Sofer (shown here on Bones)
We could have sworn it was Cuddy hitting on Booth (David Boreanaz) earlier this month in Bones's "The Predator in the Pool" and working with Agent Gibbs and company on NCIS.

6. V's Scott Wolf and Michael J. Fox (shown here on Rescue Me)
Oddly enough, Wolf also resembles a young Tom Cruise. And I mean that in the best possible way.

5. Supernatural's Jensen Ackles (with Jared Padalecki) and One Tree Hill's James Lafferty (with Chad Michael Murray)
Both boys are seen here with their slightly-taller, more-attractive TV brothers.

4. House's Olivia Wilde and Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski
Besides the cheekbones and the eyes, these two ladies also have "playing a huge nerd" in common.

3. Human Target's Mark Valley (with Chi McBride) and V's Joel Gretsch (with Morris Chestnut)
Sandy blonde hair? Check. Strong jawline? Check. Beefy black goatee'd sidekick? Check.

2. Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford and The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder
And Zac Efron could be their little brother.

1. V's Elizabeth Mitchell and FlashForward's Sonya Walger
Both of them were supposedly on Lost, but I don't buy it. THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON.

Which TV stars do you think look alike?

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