Download's tube of fun

TEN's internet clip show Download returns, once more hosted by the former Big Brother team, Mike Goldman, Bree Amer and Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald.

Whether on Friday Night Live or Download, the three have managed to forge a trio that has built a loyal fan base.

Mike Goldman says their on-air rapport is built around a genuine friendship and in not taking life, pardon the network pun, too seriously.

"I think it's because we're friends," he explains. "We don't take anything too much to heart, and we don't put too much shit on each other. We don't take it as a direct criticism on our talent and our performance."

"We all work really differently as well" adds Amer. "I'm a massive planner, I have to know what I'm doing. Fitzy will walk in five minutes before we go on air and say 'ahh, I'll wing it'."

For Download, the three present internet clips sourced from across the world, intercut with commentary, competitions and guests.

"We rehearse what we've got to do but not with gags, because we want to make each other laugh like friends would," says Goldman.

"I think I’m just the time keeper in many ways because you've got to get to the break. So I'll keep the ball moving, pass it to Bree for a while, pass it to Fitzy, then throw it to the commercial break."

Amer is more complimentary of her colleague.

"He's definitely got the hardest job out of all of us because he's got people talking in his ear. Producers yelling, ‘you've got five seconds stop talking!' He's definitely got the harder job, we're just the little kids on the side."

"Don't be ridiculous," Goldman joked. "They're the talent. They're dessert and I'm the main course!"

Download returns 7:30pm Friday October 17 on TEN.

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