Dr. Seuss forces ABC to change show name

It's not often that a show gets a critic before it even airs (Cavemen an exemption), but a new comedy from ABC set to debut this fall has already become one celebrity's target.

The estate of children's book author Dr. Seuss has taken exception to the show's name, Sam I Am, saying the title is lifted from the author's "Green Eggs and Ham," reports Variety.

The show stars Christina Applegate (Married With Children) as a woman who suffers from amnesia. When she wakes up, she has no recollection of her past but quickly realizes that she was not at all nice to others. Henceforth, she tries to be good.

In Green Eggs and Ham, the phrase "Sam I Am" is repeated frequently by the narrator, who at first despises the off-color breakfast grub.

Apparently confident that Chuck Berry won't file any legal claims, ABC has renamed the show Samantha Be Good.

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