Dr. Who's Season 7 Promo: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship! (VIDEO)

Click the photo to see the new key art in all its hi-resolution glory.

Thank goodness! It's been 10 months since we last laid eyes on The Doctor and his compatriots, but finally, a spark of hope: The trailer for Doctor Who Series 7 has been released.

Should your memory need a bit of refreshing—just be warned that there are slight spoilers ahead—when we last saw the crew, Amy and Rory had decided to stop traveling with The Doctor out of concern for their safety. And The Doctor, after almost wrecking the concept of a universe with his showy time travel, had decided to "live in the shadows." Whether this means traveling companion-less or just hanging out on Adipose 3 with those cute little creatures made of fat, we have no idea. But as the new trailer makes clear, The Doctor's not done adventuring:

Here we see familiar faces of friends like Amy, Rory, and River Song; we see familiar faces of enemies, like the Weeping Angels (and a Weeping Baby?!) and Daleks; and we see things we don't quite understand yet, like dinosaurs on a spaceship. Dinosaurs on a spaceship! We know Amy and Rory are leaving at some point, to be replaced by Jenna-Louise Coleman (who doesn't make an appearance in this clip), but we have no idea how or why they will leave.

I'm quite intrigued with the moment at 0:40 where the Doctor loses his cool over some unknown deaths that he considers to be his fault. Amy coolly responds, "See? This is what happens when you travel alone for too long." As much as I love the idea of a Doctor and his companion, I also like the bleak idea of a Doctor who has adventures but no one to share them with. I also love the nod to Amy's adventurous streak when she uses The Doctor's bizarro catchphrase, "Geronimo." (Really, we're still trying to make that work?)

All in all, the promo touches on all the silly, touching, imaginative things that I love about Doctor Who. It also makes me wish that I could (yup, wait for it) time travel to this fall, when Series 7 finally premieres. What do you think will happen in the episodes ahead?

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