Dueling Fantasy Promos: Watch the Latest Camelot and Game of Thrones Teasers (VIDEO)

Are you fond of fantasy? A sucker for swords? Eager for English accents? Then tie up your doublet, pour some mead in a skin, and saddle your trusty steed (which probably looks a lot like a tattered old couch). On the first of April, cable network Starz introduces its newest original program Camelot, and on April 17, HBO unveils Game of Thrones.

Both programs are based on well-known properties and both tackle fantasy from an adult perspective, meaning you will see boobies. Camelot revisits the story of King Arthur, Merlin (played by a decidedly unbeardy Joseph Fiennes), and the other Knights of the Round Table; Game of Thrones is based on the booming Song of Fire and Ice novels by author George R.R. Martin.

Thankfully, both shows recently released promo videos to help you decide which one will win the bulk of your interest.

Let's start with Camelot:

And now the latest from Game of Thrones:

The premiere episode of Camelot is actually available online and on some on-demand services as a tease for the network to lure potential subscribers, but be warned (or excited!): It contains nudity and "strong sexual content." In related news, you should know that former Bond hottie Eva Green and Claire Forlani also star in the series.

Which show looks better to you?

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