Dukes Reader Dish Contest!

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The original The Dukes of Hazzard was one of America's most well-loved TV hits. The Hollywood movie version is hitting theaters this Friday, August 5, and we've thought of a great way for you to get involved. Enter our Dukes Reader Dish contest, and you could have your very own Dukes moment featured on TV.com!

Does Waylon Jennings provide wise narration for your adventures and high jinks? Have you broken a major bone jumping your mountain bike over a ravine, "just like the General Lee?" Did a bikini-clad Jessica Simpson stop by to scrub the dirt off that mountain bike for you? Set down your jug of moonshine and get to writing, because the top three submissions will be published in a special TV.com feature on August 4! Here are a few things to remember:

To enter: Send your moment in a private message (PM) to username TVContest.

Submission deadline is 9pm Eastern time on Tuesday, August 2. We'll need a day to review your moments and select the best ones.

Maximum length is 200 words. Keep those moments short and sweet!

Keep it clean. Remember, you want your moment featured on TV.com! Any submission deemed offensive or profane will not be considered.

Need a little inspiration? Check out some great The Dukes of Hazzard merchandise or the official Dukes movie Web site.

Good luck!

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