Dutch Big Brother to air live birth

A woman who is competing in the latest Dutch edition of Big Brother gave birth Tuesday to a healthy baby girl named Joscelyn Savanna, the Associated Press has reported. The entire delivery was filmed by the Big Brother camera crew and will be shown on the reality series' next episode.

The new mother, known only as Tanja (Big Brother does not release contestants' last names), is a 27-year-old aspiring law student from the town of Groningen. According to the Web site for Talpa, the Dutch network that airs the program, Tanja is tied for second place in popularity with Big Brother viewers.

Tanja's labor footage will be aired in accordance with rules agreed upon between the show's producers and the Dutch Social Affairs Ministry. Talpa spokesperson Stephanie Dekker stated that no "explicit scenes" from the delivery will be aired. "It will mostly show what Tanja says during the birth."

The Netherlands has strict child labor laws that will restrict Joscelyn's Big Brother appearances to a total of eight hours. Government-approved nurses will closely monitor the health of mother and child, and the baby must stay in a camera-free room where her mother and grandparents will be allowed to visit in private.

Big Brother was originally created in the Netherlands and has since spawned dozens of international versions. The reality series sequesters a group of people in a house for 100 days while keeping them under constant video surveillance.

The current season of Dutch Big Brother airs daily on Talpa and will conclude on December 22.

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Oct 19, 2005
I am also from the netherlands and this birth (which wasn't all live, it happend at night time and only people who watched it on internet could see it live, the rest had to wait for the recap the next evening) is really hyped in the media, but the people here don't really care. this edition of BB is really boring, the mother tanja is a real pain in the ass and it's al a big publicity stunt for the new TV channel it's on. and it failed big time...
Oct 19, 2005
I'm from Holland and I'm not watching it..
Not that I don't want to see a live birth..
I just don't like Big Brother..

Births itself we can all see in other programmes..
And then you can see everything..
it's quite interesting..

I just don't understand why it is such a big deal..
While another programme on dutch television shows it all.. And I meam all..
You can see it from the doctors view..
Oct 19, 2005
I am not sure how to respond to this new aspect of reality t.v., Live births, We can now see that they are pushing "the envelope" as far as they can.
Have they cross the t.v. line yet.? I can not say. I will say that I do not find this that shocking, It seems that reality t.v. does not mind showing S** on t.v so why not a birth.

The only mature thing about this is the limited time that the new born is aloud to be on t.v. thank god for child labor laws. and that the FCC limits the amount of exposer of the birth it self.

Good luck and God bless Tanja and your sweet baby.

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