Dynasty's John Forsythe Dies at 92

... Small-screen legend John Forsythe has passed away at the age of 92 due to complications from cancer. Forsythe is best known as Blake Carrington from Dynasty, but he also provided the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels and starred in the late '50s/early '60s comedy Bachelor Father. [NY Times]

... Even more stereotypes may be coming to television thanks to the success of Jersey Shore. A Los Angeles Craigslist posting is calling for the Asian equivalent of Jersey's "guidos." The group will presumably call LA's Koreatown home while cameras film their every move. But this show may have a twist: The post also asks for those obsessed with Asians and Asian culture to respond as well. Some dude with yellow fever in a house full of Asian gangsters? Sounds like a hit to me! [LA Weekly]

... Welcome to the world of celebrity, Erin Andrews. The ESPN sideline reporter decided to leave the friendly confines of arenas full drunken college students in an effort to become a star by joining Dancing With the Stars, and has now received her first death threat. You've finally made it, Erin! [Associated Press]

... Cable network BET says The Game is not over. The specialty channel is looking to bring the CW show back from the dead (it was canceled in May after three seasons). There's one person out there who is very happy about this news. But just one. [THR]

... My almost-fantasy has come true. Golden Girls will be getting the porn-parody treatment with stars Lisa Ann, Puma Suede, Julia Ann, and Diamond Foxxx (whatever happened to good porn star names?). I'm guessing the porn parody will include "Shower" somewhere in the title. [Jam!]

... And in our last item on this slow news day, USA Network has announced its production slate. Among its seven new shows are a modern-day take on Robin Hood, about a woman who steals from the rich and gives to the not-at-all-rich; a drama about a stoner who teams up with a corporate lawyer; and a show about a woman who pays off her husband's gambling debt by serving as muscle for the mob. [THR]

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