E! Has Succeeded In Coming Up With the Worst Idea For a Reality Show, Ever

Trashy television has its place in our society, even though it gives us brain cavities and lowers the country's collective I.Q. But there's an unwritten line that's been drawn between sensationalist shows like the fairly innocuous Bachelor Pad—a guilty pleasure—and a real-life Running Man that signifies the end of civilization as we know it.

E!, you have crossed that line. The network's newest reality show just be the most horrible thing ever conceived, even worse than Hitler, the plastic packaging on electronics, and NBC's upcoming Outsourced.

The show, titled Bridalplasty (ugh), features brides-to-be competing in challenges related to their upcoming weddings, says The Hollywood Reporter. Think writing wedding vows, creating perfect seating charts, maybe making sure none of the centerpieces include man-eating plants, I don't know. That's obviously the Bridal part of the title, and not the thing that makes it the single-worst thing to ever happen to television. It's the prize that makes this series downright wretched.

The contestants will battle for the chance to win... extensive plastic surgery, hence the Plasty part of the title. E! is touting it as "the chance to be the perfect bride," which just set women's lib and human society back by about 14 centuries.

The winner of each episode will receive her "treatments" immediately, and the results will be shown at the beginning of the following week's episode. The groom won't even see his new bride until he lifts her veil at their wedding. Classy!

I can't wait for the trailer!

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