E3: TV doesn't fare well as games

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Video game maker Konami has announced it is making a karaoke game based on the hit TV show American Idol for the Sony PS2. Titled Karaoke Revolution: American Idol, the game will let wannabe singers try their hand at singing 40 different hit songs.

While movies are constantly being made into video games--Dirty Harry and a video game sequel to Hard Boiled were announced at E3-- the same can't be said for TV shows. One reason: TV-to-game conversions haven't always been a success.

Smurfs Rescue In Gargamel's Castle (1982, Colecovision)--This side-scrolling platformer was a big hit and helped sell a lot of Colecovisions. The graphics were outstanding (for the time).

The A-Team (1984, Atari 2600)--This port of the hit action show was never released, but screenshots of the prototype exist. The images indicate the player might play as B.A. Baracus, and move up and down multicolored rows doing...something.

The Fall Guy (1984, Atari 2600)--Another game that was planned but never released. Rumor has it that this game was just a rehash of a game called Squish 'Em with a new name tacked on.

M.A.S.H. (1984, Atari 2600)--Players adopted the role of the noble doctors of the 4077th Army hospital. Try not to crash into trees in this game's one repetitive screen. Game company 20th Century Fox tried to sweeten the pot with a free M.A.S.H. T-shirt--it didn't work.

Airwolf (1988, NES)--Fly just like Jan Michael Vincent--drunk and tan. This title proved one thing: Acclaim made a lot of bad games in the '80s.

Knight Rider (1989, NES)--Drive down a highway and shoot things, then run out of gas, and crash. No talking K.I.T.T., no David Hasselhoff, and no theme song equals no fun.

Ultraman (1991, SNES)--Who didn't want to be Ultraman? This side-scrolling fighting game was a launch title for the Super Nintendo and it wasn't half bad.

South Park (1998, N64)--Acclaim made this first-person shooter using the same engine as its Turok Dinosaur hunter game. The proceedings were enlivened by voice acting by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Isaac Hayes.

Xena (1999, N64, PS)--EA made the PS version, and Titus made the N64 version of this 3D fighting game in the vein of Soul Caliber. Both versions are equally bad.

X Files (1999, PS)--This game was a port of the PC version. The truth was out there...that this game wasn't very good. Zing! What a clever jab.

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