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Eagleheart: Watch the Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

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Everyone has their little show that they love to death. On the writing staff, Price loves Everyone Must Love Cats and Suze Orman, Seth has a thing for infomercials, and Lily really enjoys settling in with The 700 Club. But for me, the show I can't get enough of is Adult Swim's Eagleheart starring Chris Elliott.

There's 12 minutes of madness in each teeny-tiny episode that airs in the unforgiving hour of midnight on Thursdays. Elliott stars as Chris Monsanto, who is part Walker, Texas Ranger and bigger part buffoon. Rounding out the cast is one of the hottest women on TV, Maria Thayer, and one of the hottest funniest men on TV, Brett Gelman, as Monsanto's partners. There are equal parts idiocy and blood, which falls right into my wheelhouse.

This trailer for Season 2 shows that the silliness will continue, but with some bigger names, including Breaking Bad's Dean Norris and that hillbilly ZZ Top-ish looking dude from Justified.

Eagleheart Season 2 premieres at midnight on Thursday, April 12 (a.k.a. really late on Wednesday) on Adult Swim. AND! The Season 1 DVD hits stores next Tuesday.

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