EastEnders' Top 10 Doof-Doof Moments

EastEnders' endings are coveted by the cast and lapped up by viewers. As the soap celebrates 25 years on our screens, we list our all time favourite time doof-doofers. Cue the drums...

10. Jim proposes to Dot on the London Eye
Pairing up these pensioners was an inspired decision. We thought it would take a furnace to melt Dot's heart but comedy Jim sufficed. His proposal and Dot's minimalist reaction were unforgettable.

9. Steve Owen goes out with a bang
Melanie's beau has beef with Phil Mitchell, which concludes with macho car chase. In the final scene, Phil shoots Steve’s tyres and he smacks into a petrol barrel. The car blows up and it's curtains.

8. Danielle dies
Moments after confessing her identity to mum Ronnie, the blonde teen is bumped into the hereafter by Janine Butcher's car. She dies in her mother's arms. It’s not the most original way to exit Easties but we cried anyway.

7. Tiffany dies
Frank mowing down Tiff was a suitably tragic way for her to sign out. She'd already suffered a betrayal by her mother and brother, a blood clot on the brain and a thankless marriage to bald clot Grant Mitchell.

6. Martin Fowler runs over Jamie
Sonia's sweetheart says goodbye to the Square when an out of control Martin Fowler knocked him down with his car. His death, which happened later in hospital, was a doof in the face to us all.

5. Den gives Angie divorce papers for Christmas
Angie thought faking a terminal illness would help her hang on to her cheating hubby. Only, she didn't count on him discovering the truth and splitting up with her on the holiest of holidays.

4. Little Mo stands up to Trevor
Normally, she wouldn't say "Boo" to a cockney sparrow but Mo's evil ex-husband makes her snap. She goads him brilliantly, then lights a match. Trevor lashes out and she drops it onto a petrol-soaked carpet.

3. Janine shoves Barry to his death
Their marriage was a beautifully engineered scam, according to the bride. But Janine forgot to do a risk assessment when she chose a big cliff as her tell-Barry-the-truth venue. So it was bye-bye Baz.

2. Kat tells Zoe she's her mum
When the youngest Slater threatens to move to Spain & work for uncle Harry (the rapist who's actually her biological dad), Kat puts her stilettoed foot down. They fight in the Square and the truth spills out.

1. Pauline dies
On Christmas Day 2006 Walford's matriarch scowled her last. Following her brain tumour lie, its discovery and a hefty slap from Sonia, Pauline slunk into the Square and keeled over. Doof.

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Feb 18, 2010
So sad about Pauline!