Eat Jerry Springer

Mayor of Cincinnati. Talk-show host. Sandwich. These are the things that Jerry Springer will be remembered for.

New York's famous Carnegie Deli, whose pastrami has been rated "world's best" by the New York Times, has named a sandwich after the irascible talk show host. The sandwich is comprised of pastrami, swiss cheese, tongue, Russian dressing, and--fittingly--baloney.

The naming of a sandwich after Springer is part of the celebration of the 3000th episode of The Jerry Springer Show. The daytime talk show premiered in September 1991.

In its time, the show has shed light on such subjects as one man dating two sisters (unbeknownst to either of them), mothers who simply want their daughters to stop dressing in an adult manner, and women who aren't certain which man is the daddy of their baby.

Springer's sandwich joins the "Broadway Danny Rose," named after Woody Allen's 1985 movie of the same name. "Rose" features pastrami and corned beef.

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