Eleven Questions With Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari

As Parks and Recreation's Tom Haverford—the self-proclaimed player with a hot wife who married him for a green card—Aziz Ansari has consistently been a highlight of the show. We sent him an email to pry for scoop on his character's impending divorce, Will Arnett's upcoming guest spot, and what he's working on outside the small screen.

TV.com: It was recently announced that Will Arnett will be appearing on Parks and Rec. What can you tell me about his role that no one else knows yet?

Aziz Ansari: Will plays a cyborg named Metu that has been sent from another planet to study Parks Departments across the galaxy. In the episode he appears in, Metu (Will) is asked to destroy Pawnee and disobeys, leading to a full-on galactic super war with Leslie, Tom, and the rest of the gang caught in the middle. It’s a big turn for the series, we hope the fans stay on board. (None of this is true, Will plays an MRI technician that goes out with Leslie on a blind date and it's very funny).

Amy Poehler (who plays Leslie) and Will Arnett are married. If you were married, would you want your husband to be on your show? Um, you know what I mean.

Sure. I've been pushing to cast my chubby little cousin Harris, but there has been some resistance. 1) He's never acted. 2) He lives in Georgia and would have to change schools, etc. 3) There is no part for him.

Is Tom Haverford going to get a divorce? If so, will he be sad?

Yes and yes. It all goes down in [tonight's] episode.

Who is the funniest cast member on Parks and Recreation?

I really feel like our show has one of the strongest casts on TV right now. They all make me laugh in different ways. I would have trouble picking a favorite.

I saw on your Tumblr that you are doing an interview with Animal Collective. I tried to Google it, and discovered that if you plan on typing in "aziz ansari animal collective" into Google, when you get to "aziz ansari a," Google suggests "aziz ansari and jenna haze." Given that Haze is a porn star, on a scale from "very" to "defining moment of career," how proud are you of this?

That's great to hear. Jenna worked with us on the Randy shorts and is a very nice lady. I was once looking through my wallet for my CVS card and accidentally sat Jenna's business card on the counter without realizing just how graphic it is. I made quite an impression on the staff there.

As a follow-up, why is Animal Collective interviewing you? Or, why are you interviewing Animal Collective?

Can't talk about that, but it'll be out soon.

Do you think that the cover for your stand-up DVD, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening is too understated? For instance, is one stuffed polar bear ever really enough?

I'm really happy with that cover. I was so scared I'd be unhappy with it, but I think we nailed it.

The special consists of your own stand-up work as well as some time as Raaaaaaaandy. Are you worried that Randy is more of a "comic's comic?" And more seriously, how long are you willing to continue playing that part? Do you think America will turn on you if you take away its ability to "laugh its dick off"?

The Randy chunk is just 10 minutes at the end. I'm not worried about Randy being a "comic's comic" so much as I'm worried about him being more of an "idiot's idiot." Right now Randy is on hiatus, but I will try to write new Randy material for the next tour, because it is fun to do. I'm also developing three movie ideas for Judd Apatow and Universal, one of which is a Randy movie.

Have there been any discussions about you appearing on The League?

Nope, but I would love to do something on that show. [Nick] Kroll and [Paul] Scheer are real good friends of mine.

How many times have you seen New Moon so far?


Did Kanye invite you over for Thanksgiving?

No, I just had Thanksgiving with my family and Busta Rhymes.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC.

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Dec 04, 2009