Eliminated Bachelorette Speaks!

When Kim Jackson woke up on a sunny Italian beach with a belly full of pink vodka shots, a mouthful of four-letter words, and several cameras pointed eagerly in her direction, viewers everywhere were sure it couldn't get any worse. Then, Kim mistook The Bachelor--Prince Lorenzo Borghese--for the waiter. She was denied a rose and given her walking papers later in the episode.

Kim graciously participated in a teleconference with reporters Thursday and used the opportunity to answer the burning question: "What were you thinking?"

"You know, I got two words of advice before I left for the show," Kim said. "'Don't cry, and don't drink too much.' I sit back and think I'm never judging another person on reality TV because I did the two things I swore I wouldn't do."

"Watching it on TV was difficult, but I was prepped, knowing it was going to be on, so I got a good laugh out of it. Anybody that knows me, that's a pretty typical response for me to being woken up."

For anyone who sees Kim as nothing but a boozehound, she shed a bit of light on the situation: "I don't know [what we were drinking], but they don't have ice in Italy, so everything was warm. Some kind of grapefruit drink with vodka in it, so it all tasted the same and we were just doing shot after shot of that...They kept bringing shots down, and it's not that I was drinking to excess, but the entire day was six hours long...so it definitely caught up to me by then."

When Kim and Lorenzo took a few moments alone that evening, the pair touched on the day's events.

"I think I tried to make light of it...and let him know that I felt like I didn't get to know him because it happened the way it did, but he didn't really respond to that and I'm not sure if that's the reason I'm gone or not."

Though Kim's tenure on The Bachelor was cut short, she did manage to take away a few impressions of the Prince's character.

"He came off very sincere. I could tell he was sarcastic and fun and had a good personality, but we didn't get to see that much," Kim said. "He didn't really loosen up that much."

After spending a lot of down time with the other girls in the house, Kim was surprised at the vigor with which some contestants pursued their Prince.

"There were definitely girls who, from the second they got there, were there to win his heart, and I found it very interesting because I think it should be a little bit more two-sided. I think I was there to get to know him as well, to see if I even liked him, and they were already there knowing that they liked him and just hoping to get his heart."

"It seems almost like the younger girls were more like that than the older ones, who just kind of sat back and watched the younger girls talk about him and think about him and sometimes we would just giggle because we thought, 'You don't even know him yet.'"

"I guess Erica would be the only girl that really wanted the crown and thinks she IS a princess," Kim said when asked about the young Southern socialite. "I knew Erica's personality was completely opposite to most of ours, and a little outrageous, but you kinda can't help but love somebody that is so confident with herself.

When asked to predict this season's ultimate winner, Kim had no problem coming up with a name.

"The girls were all great, but personality-wise, who I would think would be a good fit for Lorenzo...a girl who has her head on straight would be Sadie," she said. "The odds were in his favor, there were 25 great girls and one of him so there's bound to be a match."

Perhaps surprisingly, Kim has come away from her experience with a somewhat more optimistic view of finding love via reality TV.

"I was very cynical before...and it's amazing because I think it's very easy to get caught up in it once you're there," she said. "I believe people can fall in love. I don't know if it happens within the time frame of actually being on camera...but I think you can develop a relationship and that can turn into love."

For now, Kim is still single. "I don't know if the show ruined my dating life or helped it out," she admitted, but did acknowledge that she'd learned a lesson or two during the course of filming.

"I'm just one of those girls that puts herself out there and doesn't do anything extreme. Honestly, I think that's my weakness. I'm not outgoing enough when it comes to guys. I figure they'll come to me, and obviously I need to rethink that."

"My ideal guy is definitely a family guy. I do want somebody that is career driven, because I find it attractive when they have their own thing going on and their own goals. And I like somebody that's athletic and honest and pretty much...I mean everything everybody else is looking for."

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Kim, You got to laugh this one off. You're the best. I miss you.
Hope you're doing well.

don't sweat these other losers on this site leaving negative comments. They're watching reality TV when you're living it.

Take care,
Say hello to the folks if you read this. :)
Obviously you do care or you wouldn't have taken the time to come to this page, read the article, and then comment on it. *eyeroll*
He just wasn't interested.
Don't quit your day job.
Can I just shout out a big WHO CARES!?
Poor girl

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