Eliza Dushku Discusses Dollhouse Season 2

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Dollhouse didn't exactly live up to our (admittedly astronomical) expectations, but there's no doubting that, toward the end of Season 1, the program showed signs of the Joss Whedon brilliance we're used to. We've come a long way from our initial thoughts of abandoning the show outright (seriously, the first few episodes were barely watchable), and we're now intrigued to find out what's in store for Season 2.

Luckily, the show's cast members have started to provide us with some insight into what we can expect -- and it sounds like it won't be long before the show goes into high gear.

"They start [Season 2] right in with some crazy stuff," actor Enver Gjokaj, who plays Victor, told E! Online. Pretty vague, but Fran Kranz (Topher) is slightly more descriptive with his words, and those words just happen to be some of our favorites. "Sexually dark stuff ... murder, sex, and murder," Kranz said.

And the sex and murder will look great, star Eliza Dushku tells Access Hollywood. She says it looks "racier," "darker," and "crisper," largely because it will be shot in full HD. The change, Dushku says, makes it look more "real world" than science-fiction, which is a good thing because the Dollhouse is supposed to be something that can be happening right here and right now.

Dushku's character Echo is in for plenty of changes as well. Her awareness of her situation will continue to grow, and she may have a man in her life. Way back when Battlestud Galactica Tahmoh Penikett was cast as agent Paul Ballard, we thought it was an obvious romantic pairing with Echo, but so far their relationship has been limited to a very complicated "Don't-I-know-you-from-somewhere?" situation.

"They have a connection," Penikett told E! Online. "It's not a physical attraction (editor's note: are you sure?), but I hope it's something that we explore a lot more this season. You're not quite sure what it is. There's a past, there's a history, there's an understanding between them that's very different. I think the audience is really going to like it and be really curious about where we're going in the first few episodes."

But what about the Dollhouse's hottest couple, Victor and Sierra? "Sierra and Victor are definitely still involved," Gjokaj said. "They're going to explore that relationship more." Perhaps they can soap each other's backs in the hottest co-ed shower on television.

If the unaired season-one episode "Epitaph One" is a peek at what kind of quality we can expect in season two, count us back in.

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