Ellen DeGeneres Knows She Can Dance

Screw American Idol. SYTYCD is where Ellen belongs.

It's stop-motion Coco!

Ladies and gentlemen, the future mayoral candidate of Wasilla, Alaska.

What if Justin Bieber had his own animated show?

Tim Gunn laughed so hard that he cried last night. I love this man.

This is not related to TV at all, but who cares? It's an Inception-style Dumb and Dumber trailer.


... NBC's fall lineup looks really swell, don't you think?

... Paste put together this awesome list of the 50 Best Fictional Bands. See how many from TV you can spot!

... Michael Ian Black has a new web series that's coming out in November. I am surely not jesting about this.

... Good for Julia Roberts for not knowing about Jersey Shore.

... And I really never thought I'd say this, but good for Jennifer Aniston for responding eloquently to Bill O'Reilly's taunts.

... Here are the best routines from Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance.

... And here's a little hub for several Big Brother radio interviews, if you're into that sort of thing.

... The Situation was going to guest-star on Bones next season, but now it's not happening anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.

... Jimmy Fallon's Mad Men Emmys promos got yanked from the air because all the other nominees were jealous.

... Apparently this comic book artist has never seen Glee? (I don't think the art is bad, for what it's worth. But I can't draw at all.)

... Snooki tried to trademark her name, but it turns out that a cat beat her to it.

... Here's a snapshot of Brian Austin Green on Desperate Housewives! Swoon!

... Way to go, Chelsea Handler, for being attractive in high school.

... Follow the death of NBC's non-existent show, Day One, via Twitter.

... Jennifer Lopez had something to say about all those Idol-related rumors that she was a diva.

... Now that Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill are doing a crossover episode, these other CW shows should follow suit.

... The sci-fi world sure has produced some sneaky smugglers over the years.

... io9 thinks that Hannah Montana is the first real superhero of the 21st century.

... JasonBateman.com is no longer a gay porn site. Damn.

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I love Ellen and she is indeed a good dancer :)
Tim Gunn losing it was the tv highlight of the week, if not the season! And Go Jennifer Aniston. Tell whatsisname to sod off. What does he know. It's the media destroying family life, not celebrities.
The NBC lineup was spot on:-D And wow, ellen can sure shake that thing!
Yay Julia Roberts! Bill O'Reilly is a tool. JLo is not far behind...
Hated that dance. Yay for Dingoes being on that list, but they should have been higher up. Yay, also, for that Jersey Shore bum no longer guesting on Bones.
No.. really she can't but nonetheless she was impressive in this one though still a bit stiff. The coaching she must've received was surely top notch.
Ellen can definitely dance. I like that tribute thing she did. That NBC schedule is also hilarious.
The crossover-article was really funny ;)

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