Embattled actor Tom Sizemore shops reality show

Actor Tom Sizemore, who has been in the news more for his legal problems than for his onscreen work, is turning his life into a reality show.

Super Sizemore will chronicle his numerous court appearances, his struggle to become sober, and his new role as a father to twin boys. The title is a take-off on the Morgan Spurlock documentary Super Size Me.

The project, which Sizemore and his production partners will shop to the networks and studios in the coming weeks, will incorporate footage shot by Sizemore over the past two years.

Just last Thursday a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles ordered Sizemore to spend another 30 days in a live-in drug treatment center. He had been sent there in July after violating his probation for possession of methamphetamine by using a prosthetic penis to try and fake a drug test.

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