Emmy picks: Lead Actress, drama

A wave of strong female leads has hit television over the past few years, and some of the best actresses in the business have gobbled them up. There have been a lot of familiar names in the best dramatic actress race recently, and that won't change much this year.

Three of our nominees have about a trillion Emmy and Oscars between them, another is looking to be a regular at all sorts of television award shows, and the last--well, we just like her so much. See if our picks match yours!

Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters

Role: Nora Holden
We love her, we really do! Sally Field on Brothers & Sisters has become our surrogate mother. She's been through hell and back with all the Walker family drama, yes still has that precious smile. Field could easily add another trophy to her ever-growing collection.

Emily Deschanel, Bones

Role: Temperance Brennan
Sexual tension so thick you can cut it with a chainsaw--that's one of the themes of Fox's Bones, and Deschanel makes it happen on-screen with ease. We know that this category is usually reserved for the strong ladies of cable, but that shtick is getting boring! Let's go Emmy voters!

January Jones, Mad Men

Role: Betty Draper
What do you get when you are the wife of a studly ad exec in the 1960s? A couple nervous breakdowns and a constant stream of suspicions. January Jones (best name in show business) plays the part perfectly. When Betty says sleep on the floor, you better sleep on the floor.

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

Role: Brenda Leigh Johnson
Brenda is one of the most toughest women on television--we mean that as a compliment. You do not f*** with Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. And Kyra Sedgwick takes the role and goes with it. She's been nominated for the role the past three years, and we're okay with that. Please don't hurt us, Kyra!

Glenn Close, Damages

Role: Patty Hewes
Remember when we said Brenda from The Closer was one of most frightening woman on television. Well, we may have to take that back. Litigation lawyer Patty Hewes makes pit bulls look like chihuahuas, and Glenn Close sinks her teeth into the role and never lets go. Close is amazing at the fine art of bulls***--Patty will sound like she's your buddy, but behind that wry smile she's wondering how your heart tastes and that's all credit to Close.

Honorable Mention: Mariska Hargitay--Law & Order: SVU, Elisabeth Moss--Mad Men, Holly Hunter--Saving Grace, Lisa Edelstein--House, Jeanne Tripplehorn--Big Love, Connie Britton--Connie Britton

And our winner is: [TV.com apologies for the mix-up!] Kyra Sedgwick. She's made The Closer what it is--a great show about a strong female character. Without her, it may not be worth watching.

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