Emmy picks: Supporting Actor, comedy

We've already made our picks for best supporting actress in a comedy in advance of the announcement of this year's Emmy nominations (July 16), and now we're moving on to the guys. Our crop has one Emmy staple and four rookies, but we think the new guys outshine the same old nominees the Emmys throw out.

Justin Kirk, Weeds

Role: Andy Botwin
Playing a slacker only looks easy--especially in the hands of Kirk, who has played the war-dodging, weed-smoking, woman-poking Andy on Weeds for four seasons. Kirk is a previous nominee for his work in Angels in America, but it's time Andy got some respect.

Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Role: Barney Stinson
How has NPH not won a Golden Globe or Emmy for playing Barney yet? An openly gay man playing one of the sleaziest womanizers on television convincingly and hysterically and no hardware to show for it--pish posh, I say! This could be--and should be--the year.

Rhys Darby, Flight of the Conchords

Role: Murray
As the clueless fame-seeking manager of New Zealand's fourth-most popular guitar-based digi-bongo folk duo, Murray is a hoot and a half. It's not easy to steal scenes as a supporting actor in this business--especially from the Conchords--but Darby does it routinely.

Chi McBride, Pushing Daisies

Role: Emerson Cod
At 6-foot-four-plus, Chi has had his fair share of intimidating dramatic roles. But when he steps foot on the set of Pushing Daisies as the money-hungry detective Emerson, he becomes a big teddy bear and knows exactly how to play a comedic scene and use his hulking frame to great effect. Is there anything funnier than seeing Emerson and Olive Snook (all four-feet-eleven of her) square off?

Ed Helms, The Office

Role: Andy Bernard
This spot is usually held for another Office mate--Rainn Wilson as Dwight (cases can be made for several others as well)--but we're giving the nod to Ed, mainly because Rainn's been nominated the last two years and Ed is underrated and really showed us the goods this year. Andy makes uncontrollable rage and Cornell obsession hilarious.

Honorable Mention: Rainn Wilson--The Office, Tyler Labine and Ray Wise--Reaper, Tracy Morgan--30 Rock, Kunal Nayyar--The Big Bang Theory

And our winner is: Rhys Darby, with apologies to Harris. This wasn't even close in our office--Darby's Murray is one of the best supporting characters to hit television in a long time, and the way Darby crafts him is genius. It's unfortunate we may not see Murray again as Conchords may not be coming back.

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