Entourage for the silver screen?

Rex Lee and Adrian Grenier have been spending time in Australia promoting various projects and it would seem that the enthusiasm and audience momentum around Entourage is going from strength to strength!

Speaking with E!Online, executive producer Mark Wahlberg gave the strongest suggestions yet that the series will follow in the footsteps of other successful television dramas and make a foray onto the big screen.

It was not all optimism, however, with Wahlberg more than aware of how the bureaucracy of studios could terminate this project in its infancy: "We hope to do one [movie] ... but they could certainly mess it up before we get the opportunity."

The series has just begun its seventh season, and the production team must be keen to get some silver screen profits out of it before the franchise is hung up to dry.

"We're still figuring out a couple of story lines for next season," said Wahlberg. "We have to figure out where a couple of them will leave off and where the movie will begin."

Actor Kevin Connolly has shot his hand up in the air begging for the director position on the production, adding "I tell you, I never thought I'd be so happy to see Sex and the City as a movie. When that movie came out and it did well, it opened the door for us, but I definitely want to make a movie. I'm starting this rumour that I'm the frontrunner to direct!"

With the SATC movie and its poorly received sequel earning nearly three quarters of a billion dollars internationally, it’s clear why Wahlberg et al want to tap into the cash cow.

Though the question remains whether the Entourage audience is the right target for a movie spin-off. While SATC targeted the hen party mentality in groups of women, how will an Entourage movie position itself in the market?

And it does seem a pity that Entourage could potentially turn on itself and destroy any of its redeeming features by drawing them out into a cash cow movie, a la Jessica Parker and her treatment of the SATC franchise.

Do you think we need an Entourage movie?

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