Entourage Sneak Peek: Bachelor Pad Break-Up

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We got our hands on the first two episodes of the sixth season of Entourage (premiering this Sunday, July 12 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO) and while the the boys of Entourage are still living a life of luxury, they’re doing it on more grown-up terms. (Don't worry. We won't give away any secrets and ruin the fun.)

The boys still spend their hard-earned dollars on women, partying and cars, but the gang is leaving the frat-house lifestyle behind. Turtle, who was once the least-likely to ever have a date, is with his lusty girlfriend all the time. Johnny Drama, the actor who can't catch a break, has moved out of the bachelor pad. E, Vince's best friend and manager, also decides to move out on his own, leaving the baby-faced movie star alone in the posse's plush digs.

Though we’ll miss the constant party atmosphere of the old bachelor pad, the guys finally have the privacy that men their age need. We're predict the guys will be a bit more monogamous than viewers will like, but don't fret, there are still plenty of hot chicks around.

Meanwhile, Agent Ari Gold and his sassy assistant Lloyd's relationship is on the rocks. Though their devotion to one another is unquestionable, Ari’s harsh words to Lloyd never end. Lloyd kicks off Season 6 by surprising Ari with an ultimatum: Promote him, or he’ll quit.

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