Eureka! A Fifth Season!

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... Syfy has given the go-ahead for a fifth season of its original program Eureka, ensuring that we'll see another round of wacky misadventures in the town that's chock full o' smartypants. The show was previously the network's top program, but has ceded that title to upstart Warehouse 13 (with which it will do a crossover episode). Still, it's averaging more than 3 million viewers a week, which is pretty darned good. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sure it's fun to watch Stefan and Elena get hot and heavy on The Vampire Diaries, but what about Stefan's other two decades of undeadness? You'll get to learn all about those years with prequel books due out on shelves in November. But don't expect the author of the original series, L.J. Smith, to pen them. This is purely a way to capitalize on the Vampire Diaries franchise with some extra fluff. [EW]

... ABC will continue to get into the holiday spirit with a balding, pre-teen loser who wears the same clothes all the time. The network has signed a deal with Peanuts Worldwide LLC to continue airing the Charlie Brown holiday specials for the next five years. [Washington Post]

... YES YES YES! HBO has come to its senses and renewed the super hilarious The Life & Times of Tim for a third season, just a few months after it canceling the animated show. No word on when it will be back, but the order is for 10 more episodes. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lots of people love to tell you what the most anticipated new shows of the fall season are. And they do this through the use of surveys that ask people what they're excited about. The latest comes from some faceless company called International Communications Research, and topping their list are Hawaii Five-0 and No Ordinary Family. The Event, Nikita, and Lonestar follow, but take this survey with a grain of salt. On their list of most anticipated returning shows was The Prisoner which was canceled. Ummm, what? [The Live Feed]

... Michael Ealy, formerly of FlashForward and the underrated Sleeper Cell, has landed the lead in USA Network's upcoming Common Law. The show is a buddy cop drama-comedy where—you'll never guess!&151;two guys who are total opposites partner up! Wacky! Ealy will also be seen as a recurring character on The Good Wife. [EW]

... Glee must be stopped! A UK radio station has popped up featuring nothing but Glee jams. Apparently the station has 178 radio-ready singles from the show. Not so coincidentally, I have 178 reasons to shoot myself in the face. [NY Post]

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