Eureka! Syfy Star Neil Grayston on His "Super Fun" Psych Guest Gig

Psych's Shawn Spencer usually enjoys at least one eureka moment per episode, when he "psychically" solves the crime. But in tonight's installment, "The Santabarbarian Candidate," he really strikes gold with guest-star Neil Grayston, who former Eureka fans will also recognize as beloved brainiac Douglas Fargo.

"I play Jason Straub, the assistant to the mayor, who has died under suspicious circumstances," Grayston told me about his role. "Eventually, Straub ends up helping Shawn in his bid for mayor, even though Shawn has ridiculous ideas, as he often does."

What, so "hot dog wieners of unusual lengths and gladiatorial justice" are considered ridiculous campaign pledges?! C'mon son!

"It was a super fun one to do," the Canada native said about filming the episode in his old stomping grounds of Vancouver, where Psych is headquartered. "We filmed in a lot of places near where we filmed Eureka on location."

"This last year I've been immigrating to the United States, so a lot of reason you haven't seen me do anything is that I wasn't allowed to work or leave the country, Grayston explained. "Psych was the first thing I got to do once I got a permit to work and leave. It was neat to go back to Vancouver and be back home, but actually stay in a hotel and have a ride and be a guest-star on an awesome show that I'm a big fan of anyway."

"It was also neat working with Maggie Lawson," gushed Grayston, who'd been treated to the babe's badassery before. "One of the first things I'd ever done was an episode of Smallville back in 2002, and Maggie was the bad guy in that one. She ended up actually killing me in that episode. It was kind of neat to be like, 'Here we are, ten years later!'"

He also enjoyed having a front-row seat to the James Roday and Dulé Hill Comedy Show. "They're really funny guys… just watching Dulé and James together off-camera, those guys are hilarious. They're bantering back and forth all the time."

Grayston also marveled at Roday's creative commitment to Psych. "I was really impressed. I didn't realize how much James had to do with the show—producing, writing, and directing and starring in it at the same time."

He said the same of former Eureka star Colin Ferguson, who directed a trio of episodes "while being in every scene in pretty much every episode."

Grayston still socializes with his former Eureka castmates. "I just saw Niall [Matter] the other day—we've been watching Game of Thrones together—and Jordan [Hinson] I hang out with all the time."

Hinson, who played Sheriff Carter's spirited, brilliant daughter Zoe, also attended Grayston's wedding last month, alongside Ferguson, Matter, Joe Morton (Henry Deacon) and Eureka producer and director Matt Hastings.

"It was a nice little reunion," Grayston shared. "One of my friends, who is a fan of Eureka, came up to me and said, "Whoa! Just like the whole cast of Eureka is here. I don't know what to do now. This is amazing!"

You know what else would be amazing? Douglas Fargo returning to Warehouse 13.

"I would say for that one, never say never," Grayston told us about his popular crossover role. "Right now it's a question if there's going to be more -- if it gets renewed it's probably quite a good possibility."

Check out one of Grayston's Psych scenes here, and then weigh in: How excited are you to see Neil Grayston again? Do you hope Fargo returns to Warehouse 13? Am I the only one who has a Fargo bobblehead on her desk?

Psych airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on USA.

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