Evans takes Hell's Kitchen crown

The 66-year-old battled it out against comedian Adrian Edmondson in the live final on ITV1.

The American actress was picked by members of the voting public as their favourite celebrity chef, and when she heard the news she clasped her hand over her mouth in disbelief and hugged runner-up Ade.

After spending 16 days under the tutelage of Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White, Linda said she "loved" her experience in the kitchen.

The former Dynasty star started the series on the wrong foot when she was one the first to be banished from the kitchen because of disappointing head chef Marco during the first service. The bandana-wearing chef told Linda she needed more time to "settle" before picking up a pan again.

After her first put-down she started gaining confidence and winning Marco's approval. She triumphed in the pasta challenge set by American chef Mario Batali by creating the best ravioli dish.

The actress also proved herself when she overcame her nerves and was the first to kill an eel during a task.

Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc picked Linda's crab starter and oriental salmon main as his favourite lunch. She said: "I'm absolutely beyond thrilled to have had such a compliment from a man such as Raymond."

Linda said that when she leaves the show she is going to have "Ade withdrawal" and is going to ask his wife Jennifer Saunders if the couple will visit her in Seattle.

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